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Ceremony takes place in Washington, DC, to honor the National Blue Ribbon Schools.

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This comment meant that they wereonly good when they were dead, so all Indians alive are bad.
My informant believes that this phrase came out of Indian wars and was firstsaid by either General Grant or Lee, she can't remember which.While this statement makes clear once again how confused the attribution of aproverb to a certain historical person can get, it is also foremost an alarmingtestimony of the widespread disrespect for Native Americans.

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A green ribbon which tells the player reading it that it is some form of ash
A blue ribbon which says the ash is from a cigar
A red ribbon which tells them that the ash is from a specific type of cigar only purchased from a particular shop.


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One way I have seen investigations done well in LRP was using coloured tags or ribbons with codes on them. A ref prepares a site where something has happened with these ribbons and if you have ‘investigation level 1’ you will have a book of codes that translate the codes on the green ribbons, if you have level 2 you can also translate the blue ones and if you have level 3 the red ones and so on.

Extemporaneous Speaking test the youth’s public speaking abilities. Youth prepare and present a 4-6 minute speech after having only 30 minutes to draw 4-H topic, collect information, and form the speech.
Blue ribbon: Katrina Wiech.
Purple ribbon: Rebekah Wiech.
Champion: Vivian Nally.
Alternate State Fair: Jeb Shaw.
Advancing to the Iowa State Fair: Justine Rosburg and Grace Long.

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Working Exhibits allow exhibitors to interact hands-on as they teach the audience about a process, some new information, or a skill.
Blue ribbons: Erik Soenksen, Addison Konz, Justine Rosburg, Maria Rivera, Josie Kelly, Katrina Wiech, Rebekah Wiech, Ben Melody, Travis Goff, Leah Davis, Elizabeth Tschantz, Makenna Carlson, and Lauralee Thach.
Purple Ribbons: Eli Rouse, Jameson Kaiser, Jake Oldenkamp.
Alternate State Fair exhibitors: Matt Sallee, Frank Engstrom, Ashlyn Davis, Sarah Tschantz, Olivia Moody.
Advancing to the Iowa State Fair: Cheryl Blackmer, Logan Conley, Caleb Hartsook and Gage Long.

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Instructions for completing the application are provided as online help text. Assistance is available for school applicants through the National Blue Ribbon Schools Technical Assistance Team, run by RMC Research Corp., the Department of Education's contractor for the program. Please use to contact the team for help in navigating the online system, or with questions regarding responses to the narrative or data items. Alternatively, you can contact the technical suport team as follows:

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"Give him a ride on the roly-poly," suggested the father brilliantly, as the howls continued with no sign of early abatement. In a moment the child had been placed astride the big garden roller and a preliminary tug was given to set it in motion. From the hollow depths of the cylinder came an earsplitting roar, drowning even the vocal efforts of the squalling baby, and immediately afterwards there crept forth a white-pinafored infant with a mop of tow-coloured hair tied over one temple with a pale blue ribbon. There was no mistaking either the features or the lung-power of the new arrival.

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Rose-Marie Gilpet was thoroughly sincere in her adherence to Christian Science principles; whether she understood or correctly expounded them the learned in such manners may best decide. In the present case she was undoubtedly confronted with a great opportunity, and as she started forth on her vague search she strenuously summoned to her aid every scrap of faith that she possessed. She passed out into the bare and open high road, followed by Mrs. Momeby's warning, "It's no use going there, we've searched there a dozen times." But Rose-Marie's ears were already deaf to all things save self-congratulation; for sitting in the middle of the highway, playing contentedly with the dust and some faded buttercups, was a white-pinafored baby with a mop of tow-coloured hair tied over one temple with a pale-blue ribbon. Taking first the usual feminine precaution of looking to see that no motor-car was on the distant horizon, Rose-Marie dashed at the child and bore it, despite its vigorous opposition, in through the portals of Elsinore. The child's furious screams had already announced the fact of its discovery, and the almost hysterical parents raced down the lawn to meet their restored offspring. The aesthetic value of the scene was marred in some degree by Rose-Marie's difficulty in holding the struggling infant, which was borne wrong-end foremost towards the agitated bosom of its family. "Our own little Erik come back to us," cried the Momebys in unison; as the child had rammed its fists tightly into its eye-sockets and nothing could be seen of its face but a widely gaping mouth, the recognition was in itself almost an act of faith.