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Of course, the lead actors’ performances aren’t Call Me By Your Name’s only strength. In fact, Stuhlbarg offers his own heartfelt turn as Elio’s father.

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"In the Name of the Father," which reunites the directing-acting team that gave us the stirring "My Left Foot," is based on an autobiography by Gerry Conlon, the story of a miscarriage of justice that is an immediate audience-grabber, if only because of the sense of moral outrage inherent in the material.

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Sheridan has something to say about British justice - or injustice - and though he has admitted in interviews to playing fast and loose with certain aspects of the truth, "In the Name of the Father" will likely touch a chord in anyone who feels that ruling governments around the world have gotten out of hand.


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Last week controversy erupted over my “Reel Faith” video review of the Best Picture–nominated movie Call Me By Your Name, a gay-themed coming-of-age drama about a same-sex relationship between characters played by Timothée Chalamet and Armie Hammer.

prepared by Mike Barshis1991, Running time: 114 minutes
Directed by Bruce Beresford
Written by Brian Moore
Based on the novel by Brian Moore Cinematography: Peter James
Music: Georges Delerue
Produced by Robert Lantos, Sue Milliken, and Stephane Reichel anda consortium of Alliance Communications / Goldwyn / Australian Film FinanceCorporation [au] / Samson Productions / TÈlÈfilm Canada
Filmed on location in Canada and France
A joint Canadian-Australian production with no Hollywood money involved Lothaire Bluteau - Laforgue
Aden Young - Daniel
Sandrine Holt - Annuka
August Schellenberg - Chomina
Tantoo Cardinal - Chomina's wife
Billy Two Rivers - Ougebmat
Lawrence Bayne - Neehatin
Harrison Liu - Awondoie
Wesley Cote - Oujita
Frank Wilson II - Father Jerome
Francois Tasse - Father Bourque
Jean Brousseau - Champlain
Yvan Labelle - Mestigoit
Raoul Trujillo - Kiotseaton
James Bobbish - Ondesson
Denis Lacroix - Taratande
Marthe Turgeon - Laforgue's mother
George Pachanos - Iroquois leader
Linlyn Lue - She-manitouFor a full cast list, including all the Indian cast and crew members,go the on the Internet Movie Database.This is a story about a French missionary, Father Laforgue(Lothaire Bluteau),who in 1634 sets out on a 1500 mile journey with a group of Algonquin Indianswho have agreed to take him by canoe to an already established Huron mission.