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In other words, the same demonic spirit so obvious in Crowley is the same demonic spirit behind the Susan's New Age path!!!!!!!!!!!

For one to be part of the world servers in the New Age, ..

Since the New Age Movement values experience so highly, ..

Conversely, any book that supported and reinforced New Age teachings was considered
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[Page5] This experience impacted Susan greatly, far more than it should have.
Many of these people will be New Agers like Susan Elaine, who thought they were doing mighty works for Jesus Christ, but were actually doing the works of Satan.


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As it turns out, Susan did less actual reading of the Bible and more reading of books about the Bible, thus leaving herself wide open for the Satanic reinterpretation of the Bible, which is rampant in both Catholicism and the New Age Movement.

I know I will be studying the Bible and religious literature, and movies, and the song book, 'Amazing Grace' will be purchased." [Page 9] "My training is now complete to begin my new life in doing God's work." [Page 9] "But I do not do any of the things that get done in my life or successes I appear (and do) have.

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But, Susan later considered the warnings which her ex-boyfriend was trying to give her, warning her that the New Age is simply sanitized teachings of Aleister Crowley.

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This statement could apply to New Agers as well. Schaeffergoes on to say, "An example of the down-playing of contentis that some are now lamenting the Reformation" (p. 391).

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We commend the rest of this article to all other New Agers out there, who are as deluded as Susan was about the spiritual path she was truly traveling.

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Below are the twenty-one common aspects I examined and the percentage of the total NDErs in each of the five categories that experienced each common aspect. All aspects have been ranked according their frequency of occurrence. The following is a summary of the percentages for each of the twenty-one common aspects.

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Further, her ex-boyfriend is fully cooperating with us to systematically expose the lie of the New Age, informing everyone with an ear to hear, that the New Age is simply sanitized Satanism!!