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I used the coaxial digital output from my CD player toprovide a direct digital input to the MiniDisc deck.

a set of audio cds recording of Barkley & Associates' nurse

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Again, to buy the CD at Amazon, click here: . If you want to buy the  as an MP3, use the link .
Review: Now entering its third decade, ably led by Co-Conductors Roberta Q. Jackson and Debra R. Burgess, the award-winning PSG is taking its place among the finest children's choral ensembles in the country. Over 1,000 young women ages 5 to 18, who love to sing, have come together through the years to create the distinct voice of the Portland Symphonic Girlchoir, and the 100+-strong ensemble joins the 33-strong, "20th Anniversary Alums & Mums Choir" for 17 piano-accompanied, selected live cuts, recorded from 2008 to 2010. Favorites are a pair by Duke Ellington," "It Don't Mean A Thing" and "Mood Indigo," Charles Collins' "Mary Had A Little Blues," Bill Perison's "Naughty Four O'Clocks," "Gershwin for Girls," Moses Hogan's "Ride On, King Jesus," Charles Collins' "The Star," Stephen Hatfield's "Living In a Holy City," "Deep Peace, a Gaelic Blessing" and David Brunner's "A Song to End All Wars." We love the sweet, spirited sound of the Portland Symphonic Girlchoir, one of the best in the world!

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Again my test panel were unable to pick which was the CD or theMiniDisc, and my esteem for the new MiniDisc deck incremented by yetanother notch.
This disc quickly moves to 13 fairly recent classical music recordings The 1996flute recording tells you the SPL. Clarinet, piano, "notoriously difficult"horns and violins compromise this mainly classical Test CD.


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Toby Keith Covers Sundown!Tune Is One of Four Covers on Deluxe Edition of his Upcoming CD, Bullets In The Gun
Since the ATRAC encoder plays the largest role in how an MD sounds,the implication for making digital copies between two MD units is touse the older unit for playback and the newer one for recording. Whenmaking analog copies, the relative quality of the A/D and D/Aconverters must be born in mind.

You can read about the DVD , and the CD  or just go directly to the WFMA online store (which I host) and  today.
I just received copies of a 2 CD concert by Bob Gibson at Cornell University in 1957, called . There is also a bonus CD of an informal after-concert "song exchange" with Bob and several members of the Cornell Folk Music Club.

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I am happy to announce that I recently took over operation of the at the website. In additioin to the items previously for sale, I have added three classic Chad Mitchell Trio CDs from Folk Era: , and .

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The S/PDIF (Sony/Philips Digital Audio Interface) standard used byconsumer audio gear such as Minidisc, DAT and CD equipment carriesaudio samples for the left and right channels (at 32, 44.1, or 48 khz,and up to 24 bits wide) as well as several status bits (e.g. copyrightand track information). Although in theory it would be possible forconsumer S/PDIF to carry track title information (there are unusedbits in the data stream [in fact in S/PDIF "Professional" mode, ASCIIinformation about the audio source and destination can betransferred]), carrying such information was not made a part of theconsumer S/PDIF specification and hence no consumer equipmentimplements it. A and give further details about the S/PDIFstandard.

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Magneto-optical vs. Dye based recording. You need a magnetic head laser in the former, laser only for the latter. Max writespeed for MD is 176KB/s to 352KB/s (e.g. home units with high speed 4X CD->MDcopy and commerical ). Current (ca. 2001) max write speed for CD is 7.1MB/s (e.g. 40X CD burner).

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Musical million-sellers for The Brothers Four include such releases as "Greenfields," "Yellow Bird," "Try to Remember," and "Across the Wide Missouri." Their hit recording of "The Green Leaves of Summer" from the motion picture "The Alamo" was nominated for an Academy Award and they performed the song at the awards presentation for the global network telecast.