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YUMA, Ariz. (KRON) — An Arizona mother has filed a wrongful death complaint against a dental office in Arizona after her child died following a routine visit.

History and criticism of doctrine of at-will employment law in USA

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Oct 20, 2012 · Wrongful Convictions happen every day in this country
For the purposes of this subsection, if both spouses die within 30 days of one another as a result of the same wrongful act or series of acts arising out of the same incident, each spouse is considered to have been predeceased by the other.

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Judicial reluctance to alter the absolute nature of at-will employmenthas restricted the availability of judicial remedies forwrongful discharge in the USA,with the consequence that prudent employees will follow the three monkey rule(i.e., hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil)in order to avoid termination of their employment.


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You would think that it is probably not worth your life to venture late at night into the middle of a highway with a can of spray paint to deface public property. But that is the way rational people think, not graffiti scum. Apparently these taggers are of such limited mental capacity, they ascribe no value to their lives and are willing to die in the process of committing their misdemeanors. If one of these lowlife Da Vinci’s should be killed, I’m sure a lawyer will file a multi-million dollar wrongful death suit against the city for not keeping the perpetrator safe while engaging in a criminal act.