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Firstly it is important to explore the concept of advertising and its link with the consumer culture we live in today.

1.4.1 The influence of advertising on the behavior of consumers

The Influence of Outdoor Advertising on Consumer Brand Preference

Adverting things that consumers do not yearn for is not effective use of the advertiser’s money.
A brand is the central part of the marketing process that focuses on consumers. Integration is the most important theme in the topic of modern advertising. Advertising is the mother and life of the brand. Communication is part of any advertising or marketing process. Communication starts by the creation of the message. The message is created to fit the requirements and the desires of the target audiences. The message is then encoded which is the second step in the communication process. Encoding of the message involves the creation of a creative idea and then transforming it into an advertisement that gets the attention. The advertisement should be fit enough to be played in different media like radios, televisions, magazines and other popular media. The media that the consumer receives the message through will depend on what media they use most, or which message they best understand. The delivery of them message through the communication media is usually the third stage of the communication process. The decoding of the message occurs after the message reaches the consumer and is perceived by one or more of their senses. For instance, the consumer may hear, see or feel through touch, an advertisement (Hackley, 2009).

Celebrity Power and Its Influence on Global Consumer Behaviour

Social marketing is important in that it acts on the psychological part of an individual and influences their behavior in terms of what they chose to buy or which services they wish to use. Social marketing forms the base and guidelines for the creation of advertisements and marketing strategies. Through the advertisements and commercial marketing, the principles of social marketing are implemented to influence the decisions of buyers intellectually and make them change certain behaviors or decisions in what products they use.



Social marketing aims not to just provide information to the consumers but to focus on the behavior of the individual. Due to this, social marketing strategies are different to other information-based approaches. This is because, social marketing addresses and analyses the full problem regardless of the methods that are chosen to address it. Social marketing has the advantage of concentrating on the consumer. The primary beneficiary of social marketing is the target individual, society or group. In commercial marketing, the primary beneficiary is the corporate world or market. Since social marketing is entirely based on influencing the people’s behaviors, the concept originated way before a clear definition of it could be formed. For instance, the activities to free slaves, stop child labor and the fight for women’s rights are all examples of social marketing (Kotler, Roberto & Lee, 2002).

Advertising is a form of communication used by a marketer to relay information about a product to consumers, thus creating awareness (What Advertising is… 1)....

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It is important to note that the firms are in need of the consumers due to the supplier- buyer competition. It is therefore important to categorize the targeted audience and advertise using the right media. Adults need to be addressed using the media that is more they can easily access without much effort. The young people need to be accessed with the media that will keep them both interested and entertained. Most teenagers and young people are not very interested in newspapers. It would not be appropriate to put an advertisement targeting the teenagers in a newspaper. The teenagers would have a negative attitude towards it for those few who see it.

5 Factors Influencing Consumer Behaviour | Explained

Unfortunately, other advertisements played on the negative stereotypes of aging and older adults specifically with the notion that as you age you are unable to fully take care of yourself....

Consumer Behavior: The Psychology of Marketing

In social marketing, the behavior change desired is voluntary in nature. This behavior change aims to affect the consumers psychologically. This psychological influence creates the voluntary change that is desired in social marketing. Social marketing I s important as it is used in various fields like health, human safety and security, environment and the community. Social marketing is very important as it applies the most basic strategies of marketing to come up with advertisements. This therefore means that without social marketing advertising would not work as well. Customer orientation is a basic principle that is applied by social marketers to understand the target audiences, their beliefs and actions. Market researches are carried out to offer understandings of different segments of the market, each of the segments needs, problems, beliefs, behaviors and wants.

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An advertisement may make a consumer want to but a given product or nor pay any interest to it. For example, most consumers tend to get irritated with advertisements that are brought in-between interesting programs. For example, if people are watching a good soccer match then a clothesline advertisement is popped in between the match, the audience tends to get mad at both the media station and the clothesline company. This kind of interruption may push away the consumers rather interrupt them. It is wise of the firms to relate the advertisement for the occasion. For example, if an advertisement will be brought in the middle of a football game, then it would influence the consumers better if it were posted in a “football” manner. This has mostly been evident in such advertisements as the Coca Cola advertisements. If advertisements will be aired during the Olympic Games, the advertisement is usually about the Olympic Games (Mooij, 2004).