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As we celebrate Black History Month and reflect on the decades of struggle that was required to bring the African American ..

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Grants, on the other hand, typically award funds based on financial need. Some grants contain performance indicators, like maintaining a certain GPA during college, but generally the funds are dispersed to the neediest applicants. Minority grants strive to address the unique challenges that face underrepresented student populations. Ethnic minorities: Hispanic, African American, Asian, and Native American students must still exhibit financial need to win grant money; but minority grants are less competitive, because only certain groups can apply.

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African American men and women made great contributions to American society throughout the 20th century, advancing civil rights as well as science, government, sports, and entertainment.
He shows us that the Carnegie Endowment, the Ford Foundation, the Guggenheim Foundation, and the Rockefeller Foundation joined together to alter American history and take over the whole education system in America, so the children can be indoctrinated into accepting a World Government.


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Today the illegitimacy rates stand at for the nation overall, and for African Americans specifically.[4]

Welfare not only increases illegitimacy and poverty in the short term, but it inflicts long-lasting, even permanent, on children who are raised in welfare-dependent homes.

I am political scientist and a Historian. This labor is the same as Slavery and nothing you can do or say will change the fact that Governments can own slaves while the general public cannot. Governments can sell their slaves to Corporations who use their labor for profits. Texas is the worse work or get solitary confinement ( like the metal holes in the ground during slavery) so while you think it is ok then you must add the Criminal Injustice System that sucks in Black Men and women like a vaccum sucks in dust- indiscriminately. I cannot believe you people would support a system so unfair it has been called worse than slavery because of the illusion of freedom. Why do you think Felons cannot vote- what has committing a crime or not have to do with your vote. I will tell you why. African Americans vote democrat, therefore if you have 20 million felons then Democrats lost twenty million votes. This is about money and lost wages for those of us who have been lucky enough to avoid a jail sentence. Henry Louis Gates got locked up for breaking the window to his own house- Enough said if a friend of the President and Harvard Scholar can go to jail for being black then any one of will go to prison for less to work for nothing all because we have more melanon in our skill. AKA Racism and slavery has never left the American Government, it just hid behind “Three Strikes You are out” life sentences for black men for stealing a 150 dollar shirt. Yes a life in prison for less than 200 dollars and you call that fair when the shirt was going to be sold to feed his family because felon can not get a job

South African Whites Seek Asylum in the U.S.

In 1987, for the first time in the history of any American racial or ethnic group, the birth rate for unmarried black women surpassed that for married black women.

Solomon Tshekisho Plaatje | South African History Online

[I]t became apparent that some participants' requests for separate grants and independent households were too often a sign of manipulation by boyfriends, in whose interest it was to have a girlfriend on welfare with an apartment of her own.”

The results of welfare policies discouraging marriage and family were dramatic, as out-of-wedlock birthrates skyrocketed among all demographic groups in the U.S., but most notably African Americans.

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However, the Ferguson protests also showed the power of descriptive representation. Witness the when Missouri Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson, an African-American, was placed in charge of security in Ferguson. Business Insider , “In a tactical U-turn, Johnson, and a handful of black officers without body armor, walked among thousands of protesters.”

Women Age Worse Than Men – Return Of Kings

Plus the American (as well as many other) criminal justice systems is very biased racially and class-wise. Thus black people tend to get longer sentences for the same crime and are more likely to be convicted for marijuana possession despite a lower proportion of the african american population using marijuana.