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v. 16 — Luke certainly can be succinct. These few words describe what we have taken several paragraphs above to explain in more detail. The Greek word that describes Paul’s spirit as “provoked” is paroxuneto, a contraction of para (beside) and oxus (sharpen). While not a literal physical poking as with a goad, it represents the same effect in the emotions — pain of heart as if being poked with a sharp object by someone. Today we would call it “pangs of heart”. Paul uses the same word in the Love Chapter (I Corinthians 13:5) to describe what love does not require. The author of Hebrews also uses this term to describe how believers should remind each other to show love and do good. Acts 17:16 suggests that as Paul walked the streets, each new idol that came into view poked him in the eye and produced another heart pang in him. Today we are surrounded by a material culture with many reminders of its evil and darkness. Do we feel pangs of the heart when we see them?

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Some may say that Simon was just backslidden, and was calloused toward the Holy Spirit. Believers today can certainly fall into that trap, sinning with apparent impunity. But Simon had not received the Holy Spirit yet, even though he was a believer — so how could he become calloused toward Him? Simon had been a believer for only a few days, and was still in that heady time all new believers experience. When would he have had time to backslide? What’s more, Simon’s response is one of immediate repentance, asking Peter and John to pray for him so that none of Peter’s judgements upon him would happen. I believe that if Simon had not responded in repentance, his fate would indeed have been the same as unrepentant Ananias and Sapphira.


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But Ananias knows Saul by more than the name given him by the Lord. He really loses his cool! How many times, when we are asked to do something by the Lord that seems unreasonable to us, do we assume an attitude of, “Lord! Don’t you know about this situation?” That seems like a strange thing to say to One who is omniscient, and it reveals a certain foolish tendency on the part of humans in their relationship with God to seek role reversal, at least momentarily.

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In v10 Luke tells us of a believer in Damascus, a “disciple” named Ananias. (Obviously not the same Ananias from Chapter 5.) We are not told how he came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ or how he came to be in Damascus. More of God’s precise stage-setting, no doubt! In much the same way that God had called to the boy Samuel, the Lord now calls to Ananias in a vision. And Ananias, like Samuel, responds, “Here am I, Lord.”

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Presented below is a table that compares the three passages. Where a verse in the reference passage (columns 2 and 3) merely repeats what the original passage states, you’ll see “(same)”. If the column is blank, it means the passage doesn’t include the information. I encourage you to verify the observations in all three columns, and especially to notice how much more detailed our understanding is because of the additional passages.

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I believe that God was not punishing or even chastising the believers in Jerusalem. He was not upset with them for not moving beyond Jerusalem. Recall that the Great Commission (with the specific geographic order) had been spoken directly to the apostles on the occasion of Christ’s ascension. Note here that these same men did not flee Jerusalem, but remained there apparently under God’s good pleasure and protection. On the other hand, the High Council in Jerusalem had made it clear that they would not repent of murdering their Messiah, having now also murdered one of His prominent followers. God would thus begin speaking to the very people outside Jerusalem that He had identified in the Great Commission, and in the same order — as described precisely by Luke in these verses. But is this God turning to the Gentiles? And if so, is it part of Israel’s expected Millennial Kingdom, or part of the mysterious hidden Age of Grace to follow? Or is it all one age of the church with no difference in programs at all?

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While we are still viewing the outworking of Israel’s program in Peter’s hands, and the Age of Grace is still primarily a mystery waiting to be revealed later through Paul, there is much to be learned from this passage. What is most interesting to me is how passages like this one come to life when they are considered in their proper context, having been rightly divided. No longer do we have to struggle theologically over why we seem unable today to raise the dead or heal the sick, especially with no more action than a few simply-spoken words. We understand that these miracles were part of God’s authentication of Peter to Israel, not an example for us to attempt to follow today. And understanding this enables us to appreciate even more how the blessings we do rightfully enjoy in this Age of Grace came into being. No, we do not discard any part of the Bible in favor of Paul’s letters exclusively. If anything, rightly dividing the Word of God magnifies the rest of the Bible, putting it into proper perspective and increasing its overall cohesiveness and clarity!