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Strategists in the National Party invented apartheid as a means to cement their control over the economic and social system.

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They chose the Apartheid which meant racial segregation of all of the races.
Long Night's Journey into Day documents South Africa's attempts to recognize and heal the wounds inflicted by apartheid, an institutionalized form of oppression. The materials in this guide are intended to promote dialogue about the concept and practice of reconciliaition in the wake of institutionalized forms of injustice or mass atrocity. In this guide, we have chosen to focus the discussion of oppression on race - Black and White. In doing this we do not deny other forms or manifestations of oppression. You are strongly encouraged to apply the principles and themes here to other forms and situations as appropriate. What we have compiled in these few pages is just the beginning of what we hope will be an exciting, illuminating path of discovery and action for you and your community - a journey toward greater understanding, healing and transformation.

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While some events have obvious causes, other events must be analyzed to find their true impetus.
1955 - The Federation of South African Women forms. Anti-apartheid activists boycott Bantu Education. Coloured voters are disfranchised. Group Areas Act causes forced removals of 60,000 Africans from Johannesburg's Sophiatown and Western townships. Congress of the People, an ANC allied united front, adopts the Freedom Charter at Kliptown, near Soweto, which sets forth guidelines for non-racial democracy in South Africa. 20,000 women march on Union Buildings in Pretoria, petitioning against racist legislation.


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1956 - 156 ANC and other anti-apartheid leaders are arrested and tried for treason, including Nelson Mandela. After four years everyone is acquitted.

His father losing his land in 1919 would have affected Mandela's opinion of how the country works as he grew up, and when he was 16 the main speaker at his circumcision told that "Blacks were slaves in their own country".

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South Africa's apartheid government responded to this opposition by "red-baiting," or overemphasizing the influence of communism and communists in the ranks of the "Nonwhite" opposition forces. This approach paved the way for many incarcerations and assassinations of anti-apartheid activists.

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In the context of the history of English in the region, and of Shakespeare’s role in entrenching a particular kind of literacy, the paper aims ultimately to explore some of the implications for the industry of English Literature in post-apartheid South Africa.

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Like segregation in the US, apartheid kept people of different races and ethnicities from sharing social space. Recognized as a backward-looking measure, it was immediately opposed by African, Asian and mixed race organizations, as well as by progressive Whites. During the 1950s in a series of very public protests resembling the US Civil Rights Movement, these groups showed their opposition to the new system.

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1983 - United Democratic Front (UDF), a coalition of 600 anti-apartheid organizations, emerges to oppose new laws granting Black local authorities semi-autonomy.

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Apartheid advocated distinct ethnic or "tribal" communities, each with its own exclusive enclaves and controlled by a pass system regulating movement. It was a method of divide and rule to counteract the svaart gevaar or so-called "black danger" Afrikaner rulers saw Africans as threatening to overrun or engulf them by their sheer numbers.