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c. Why was he so full of remorse?

d. What qualities of the soldier make him stand apart?

London: for John Wright...and Sold by Edward Milward Book-Seller in Leitchfield,
Can u help me with the answers of the following questions:
Q1: Explain the last two lines of the extract. What is the symbolism of the wounds?
Q2: How did the soldier and the narrator meet?
Q3: How did the soldier end up with a small pain in his chest?
Q4: How is the death of the soldier described by the poet?
Q5: Give a character sketch of the soldiers. Support your answer with suitable examples from the text.

e. How did the author-narrator feel when the soldier died?

Question-Describe briefly the experience of the narrator on the battle field and what he realises at the end of the poem. The answer should be 40 lines and i need it by June 7th please


could you please help me with with the symbolisms inthe poem??

The young soldier was a gritty young man who was witnessing the battlefield horrors for the first time in his career. He was grievously hurt, and must have been in very great pain. However, despite being moments away from his death, in spirit and body, he was extremely resolute and valiant. He truly was proud of being a worthy son of his mother, and a chivalrous husband of his young wife. So, he defied his misfortune, and vowed to carry on fighting.
For him, his soldier’s life was not finished yet. So determined was he in his resolve that his fatal wound appeared to him as a small scar.

well, great work…but i got a question in my text that says”small pain in my chest is an anti-war poem. justify it by giving illustrations from the poem”. can u help???

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America was involved in military conflicts in Asia during and after the WW2. Later,it fought a long and bloody war in Vietnam,and recently in Afghanistan. It is difficult to guess which ‘Asian soil’ the poet is alluding to. It could be Japan, Korea,the Philippines, Afghanistan or Vietnam.

This poem’s analysis is already there. Click on

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please post the character sketch of the soldier in the poem and the war and effects of war in contrast to the poem “small pain in my chest”.

Is the notes available for all subjects for Icse.

Thanks a ton for such a wonderful and subtle explaination! A small favour from you- can you please include the analysis of the poem Stopping By The Woods On A Snowy Evening?
Would deeply appreciate if you help me with this.

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Can u plz help me with this question: How has MIchael Mack clearly brought out the physical, psychological and emotional agony of the soldiers who fight it out on the battlefield?