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The poem can be analyzed for the prominence of "threes" that form layers of multiple meanings within its three stanzas.

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This statement seems somewhat ironic when one analyses the context of his life and the nature of his writing, for Donne is clearly the rebel in English poetry.

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The Elizabethan Lyric John Donne delivered, like all of the other great poets of the renaissance era, an invaluable contribution to English literature.


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John Donne was part of this literary movement and he explored the themes of love, death, and religion to such an extent, that he instilled his own beliefs and theories into his poems.

Although both John Donne and William Shakespeare share a common theme of love in their poems, they each use different tactics to portray this underlying meaning.

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In the poem “Holy Sonnet 10” by John Donne, the poet talks to death itself and gives his opinion on his view of death and others’ views: it is something that cannot control anything, can be replaced by others things, and is not the end of a person’s life....

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Portrayed through language, imagery, and structure John Donne's poem is one of conceit and seduction, as the speaker (assumed to be a man) follows a consistent pattern of persuasion to have premarital sex with a woman.

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John Donne's poems discussing women and religion are among the most noticeable examples of the deliberate use of ambiguity in seventeenth-century poetry....

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He got married secretly, went to prison, and wrote many poems that are world known John Donne attended both Oxford and Cambridge universities, and he also attended Lincoln's Inn.

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John Donne's view of love deviated greatly from the Medieval philosophy of courtly love, which had been expressed in poetry handed down from the sonnets of such poetic giants as Sidney and Petrarch....

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The writings of John Donne are rife with this conflict, reflecting in their content a view of love and women radically and cynically altered from that which preceding generations of poets had handed down.