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At Athens the comedies became an official part of the festival celebration in 486 BC, and prizes were offered for the best productions.

The art of Vergil; image and symbol in the Aeneid. …

The art of Vergil; image and symbol in the Aeneid.

He probably accompanied the general to Spain and North Africa in the wars against Carthage.
When Aeneas realised that Troy could not be saved, he went to rescue his family. Since , former king of the Dardanians, was crippled, Aeneas had to carry his father on his back. Aeneas left his home, with his son in tow Ascanius (Iulus) and his wife Creusa, the daughter of King Priam of Troy and Hecuba, following behind them. During their flight, Cresua got separated from husband. She had vanished, apparently killed.

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, king of the Latins, welcomed Aeneas' army of exiled and let them reorganize their lives in Latium. His daughter Lavinia had been promised to Turnus, king of the Rutuli, but Latinus received a prophecy that Lavinia would be betrothed to one from another land — namely, Aeneas. Latinus heeded the prophecy, and Turnus consequently declared war on Aeneas at the urging of Juno, who was aligned with King Mezentius of the Etruscans and Queen of the Latins. Aeneas's forces prevailed. Turnus was killed, and Virgil's account ends abruptly.


The Aeneid occupied Virgil for 11 years and, ..

Virgil Reading the "Aeneid" to Augustus, Octavia, and Livia, 1790/93
Dido was the founder of Carthage when she fled with her sister Anna from Phoenicia after their brother, Pygmalion, had murdered Sychaeus, Dido's husband and uncle.

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The House of Troy had actually being divided into two branches: that of Dardania and that of Troy or Ilium. Aeneas actually belonged to the Dardania, a house older than Troy, but Troy became more powerful than Dardania. So in actual fact Aeneas was a Dardanian prince, not a Trojan.

The Art of the "Aeneid" by William S

In the major epic of the Trojan War, titled , which was written by Homer, Aeneas' role was minor. Despite this minor role in the epic, Homer says that Aeneas was second only to as a warrior, on the Trojan side. Hector the son of King Priam of Troy and of Hecuba, was commander-in-chief of the Trojans and their allies, while Aeneas had served as second-in-command.

Aeneas and the Sibyl in the Underworld, Painting, 1598

In one scene, when Poseidon rescued Aeneas from the Greek champion, , the sea god saved him and mentioned to him that he was destined not only to survive Troy's fall, but becomes its new king.

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According to , Aeneas was captured, and given to , son of Achilles as slave, along with , wife of Hector. He probably lived the rest of his life in Pharsalia.

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In the other Epic Cycle poem, , Aeneas and his Dardanian followers were alarmed when two large sea serpents killed Laocoon and his son, before the Trojan Horse. Aeneas took this as a bad sign, so he gathered his followers returned to Mount Ida, leaving Troy to its fate, so Aeneas wasn't there when the city was captured.

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Neither of these two works mentioned Aeneas carrying his crippled father out of Troy or him sailing off from Troy to find a new home in Italy, which were found in . The mythographer Apollodorus also doesn't mention Italy. He does say however that Aeneas did carrying his father out of Troy, but he also says that the Greeks allowed him to leave the city because of his piety. However, this image of him escaping Troy with his father and son does appear in a 6th century BC vase painting.