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Coleman, and on being answered affirmatively, I presented the paper to him. The Doctor appeared to be a man of about fifty years of age, with a kind and gentlemanly looking face and highly polished manners, and in stature something above the medium height. His reception of me was quite flattering, for after my examination, I was asked whether I had been to breakfast; I told him I had not, whereupon "Bright,' the servant girl, was called and instructed to furnish me with my breakfast. This most kind and hospitable gentleman furthermore promised to me during my stay in his neighborhood; and I can truly say did more than he promised. Shortly after I opened my school, the Doctor loaned me $5.00, thereby showing that he had confidence in my honesty.

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For example, while he gives a number of gardening detailsthat might be thought unnecessary in a scientific paper, and he isvery frank about his simply discarding plants he considers poor or unreliabledata.


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Franklin saw the world around him in terms of how it could be improved upon, either by enhancing an existing tool, or by inventing a new solution altogether. This translated, in business terms, to not only seeing gaps in the market, but also coming up with creative ways to plug them. For example, Franklin noticed that almost a third of his fellow settlers in Pennsylvania were German-speakers, and promptly launched the Philadelphische Zeitung – the first newspaper printed in German in the colonies.