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24/07/2011 · An overview of government support, beyond the $700 billion bailout known as TARP, given to companies from banks to car companies.

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Feb 25, 2009 · Bank that got bailout $ throws lavish parties
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Earlier this year various congressional investigations uncovered billions of dollars of the so-called TARP funds ended up bankrolling foreign banks. American banks that actually received the funds from the U.S. government operated as covert pathways to often bail out foreign banks, rather than lending the money to American consumers.

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MANY Americans are angry at banks for taking bailout money while still cutting ..
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Will the European plans work? There is one hopeful precedent, in Sweden, which in the early 1990s solved its own banking crisis by guaranteeing deposits, injecting huge amounts of liquidity into the banking system via the central bank, and forcing banks to write down the value of their assets very quickly. In describing why that bailout worked, Urban Baeckstroem, the former Swedish central bank president who played a central role in the rescue, has identified some other vital measures. The first is that the Swedish government quickly moved to clean up government finances at the same time as it bailed out the banks. The second is that monetary policy was tightened. And the third is that there was a broad national consensus over the plan, which helped to make it a success.


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Here's their take: it was a big mistake to allow Lehman Brothers to fail, because that just sparked panic in the banking world and led to a seizure of the global system. And they also believe that the $700 billion bailout plan was badly misdirected because it didn't set out to recapitalize the banks in a swift and clear fashion, but rather aimed to buy up the portfolios of toxic assets, which would be far more complicated and time-consuming. Paulson himself is now changing tack and looking to inject money directly into U.S. banks, too, which of course makes the Europeans feel even better about their plan.

Is The Bailout A Rothschild Trick
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Yet that kind of state involvement is a central part of the European bailout plans, which involve governments recapitalizing banks in trouble in exchange for a slice of equity. In plain English, that's called partial renationalization. How much equity depends on the size of the bailout, and for the moment, other than in Britain, precise details about which banks will receive how much and in exchange for what remain to be negotiated. Along with the fresh capital, governments are proposing a series of other measures designed to restore confidence in the banking system by guaranteeing deposits, jump-starting interbank lending, which has dried up, and promising that no European bank will fail. The measures were coordinated in principle at a European Union emergency summit meeting on Sunday and announced in detail by several national governments on Monday.