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They assured him, that life of allthings was most insecure.


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These representations did certainly touch him in a very tender spot, not previouslyunknown to the schoolmaster." Return to the of this page"Who shall tell all the thoughts and feelings of Pierre in that desolate and shivering room, when at last the ideaobtruded, that the wiser and the profounder he should grow, the more and the more he lessened the chances forbread; that could he now hurl his deep book out of the window, and fall to on some shallow nothing of a novel,composable in a month at the longest, then could he reasonably hope for both appreciation and cash.

Jeff Wall, Milk, 1984, transparency in lightbox, 187 x 229 cm.

But thedevouring profundities, now opened up in him, consume all his vigor; would he, he could not now beentertainingly and profitably shallow in some pellucid and merry romance."


Jeff Wall, Milk, 1984, transparency in lightbox, 187 x 229 cm.

He might feel many years in him yet; time might go lightly by him; but in anysudden and fatal sickness, how would his last hours be embittered by the thought, that he was about to departforever, leaving the world utterly unprovided with the knowledge of what were the precise texture and hue ofthe first trowsers he wore.

Manythanks to Heyward Ehrlich of Rutgers University for his generousassistance with this section. Return to the of this page"If two strangers crossing the Pine Barrens in New York State, or the equally desolate Salisbury Plain inEngland; if casually encountering each other in such inhospitable wilds, these twain, for the life of them, cannotwell avoid a mutual salutation; and stopping for a moment to interchange the news; and, perhaps, sitting downfor a while and resting in concert: then, how much more natural that upon the illimitable Pine Barrens andSalisbury Plains of the sea, two whaling vessels descrying each other at the ends of the earth -- off loneFanning's Island, or the far away King's Mills; how much more natural, I say, that under such circumstancesthese ships should not only interchange hails, but come into still closer, more friendly and sociable contact....

Melville, Herman. 1853. Bartleby, the Scrivener

Return to the of this page"Some zealous lovers of the general literature of the age, as well as declared devotees to his own great genius,frequently petitioned him for the materials wherewith to frame his biography.

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For not only would they meet with all the sympathies of sailors, but likewise with all the peculiar congenialitiesarising from a common pursuit and mutually shared privations and perils." Return to the of this page"...Resolve as one may to keep to the main road, some bypaths have an enticement notreadily to be withstood." Return to the of this page"For though the naked soul of man doth assuredly contain one latent element of intellectual productiveness; yetnever was there a child born solely from one parent; the visible world of experience being that procreative thingwhich impregnates the muses; self-reciprocally efficient hermaphrodites being but a fable." Return to the of this page"For small erections may be finished by their first architects;grand ones, true ones, ever leave the copestone to posterity."Can youprovide additional information on Melville, his works, oranything else that belongs here?

It is also one of the most difficult to interpret

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