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The Missouri Department of Natural Resources' Bennett Spring State Park webpage.

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 Jo Schaper shares some interesting facts about the spring at Bennett Spring State Park.
A Bennett Spring "hike" can be a leisurely stroll along the tree-shaded spring branch, or an invigorating seven miles to tour an interesting natural tunnel.

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author Harold Bell Wright spent time in the Bennett Spring area, and used the location as the setting for a novel called . Gerry Chudleigh, author of the book has an excellent Web site devoted to Harold Bell Wright. In addition to containing a lot of interesting information about H.B.W., Gerry's site features a page displaying old time photos and postcards of Bennett Spring. If you are interested in the history of Bennett Spring State Park, you will find these photos fascinating.


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Stephen R. Moulton II is an aquatic entomologist who helped the late Bennett Spring angler Bob McCalmont with his studies of aquatic insects, and is the one who named after him.

Be sure to check out Diane Tucker's article about Bennett Spring State Park on page 20 of the Winter 2007 issue of Missouri Resources, available in PDF format on the Department of Natural Resources Web site.

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Midwest Flies has been selling flies wholesale in this part of the country for the past ten years, and now they are selling directly to the public through their Web site. The Midwest Flies Home Page includes a fishing report for Bennett Spring State Park.

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The Black Dog Sports crew was at Bennett Spring State Park on March 1, 2009 videoing the action. Go to their website to see the video, along with several others of interest.