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Following the shocking Nia Glassie case, and a similar case in the UK, there has been some discussion on the blogs about whether we should bring back capital punishment.

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In law, the traditional punishment for adultery before the modern age was that of impalement, known in Malay as Hukum Sula. A pole was inserted through the and pushed up to pierce the heart or lungs of the condemned, the pole thereupon being hoisted and inserted into the ground.

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The punishment for murder in California depends upon whether you or your loved one is convicted of: Capital murder; First-degree murder; Second-degree murder
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Raymond Bonner is a former prosecutor and a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter and writer. He was an investigative reporter and foreign correspondent at The New York Times. Bonner's upcoming book, Anatomy of Injustice: A Murder Case Gone Wrong, focuses on nearly every element in the debate about capital punishment - race, mental retardation, ineffective assistance of counsel, "snitch" testimony, DNA testing, innocence, and prosecutorial misconduct. At this event, Bonner will speak about all these issues, with a special emphasis on prosecutorial misconduct in the South Carolina murder case of Edward Lee Elmore, which is the subject of Bonner's upcoming book. Elmore, 23 years old and mentally retarded, was tried, convicted, and sentenced to death ninety days after the body of a wealthy white widow was found in a closet of her home.

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Punishment for Murder in California | PC 187

The State Constitution infers the constitutionality of capital punishment in that the need for certain special procedures for crimes punishable ..
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In the Indian subcontinent impalement is often referred to in folk tales and fairy tales as punishment for the wicked — usually imposed by a good king at the end of the story. In the region, it is known as Shul (Bengali: শূল).

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The of South Africa used impalement (ukujoja) as a form of punishment for soldiers who had failed in the execution of their duty, people accused of or who had exhibited cowardice.

Miscellaneous Issues--Rights of Non Muslims in Islam

I would have asked them to return to Islam, and had they refused, I would have imprisoned them.”This attitude of `Umar was also held by Ibrahim An-Nakh`I, and Ath-Thawri, who said, "This is the viewpoint that we follow." Ath-Thawri also said, "The punishment of the apostate is to be deferred so long as there is a hope that he may return to Islam." In my point of view, as the scholars have differentiated between major and minor innovations in religion and between mere innovators and those who spread and call for their innovations in religion, we can also differentiate between major and minor apostasy, and between apostates who do not wage war against Islam and Muslims and those who proclaim their apostasy and call for it.

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Major apostasy, which the apostate proclaims and openly calls for in speech or writing, is to be, with all the more reason, severely punished by the death penalty, according to the majority of scholars and the apparent meaning of the Prophet's hadiths.