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Women createfeelings of closeness by conversing with their friends andlovers.

Table 1 shows the results for thecategories men and women.

The normalised figures, however, are identical formen and women.

It is important for women to understand that men's communicatingis all about status.
Never is the issue of unique needs more relevant than when understanding the differences between men and women. At root, men and women have the same basic needs: to be noticed, to be loved, and to have a purpose in the relationship. Yet it’s how men and women go about getting those needs met that bears the crucial differences.

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What do you think the biggest differences are between men and women in relationships?
Tannen (1990: 77) argues that “for most women,the language of conversation is primarily a language of rapport a way ofestablishing connections and negotiating relationships”.


Understanding The Differences Between Men and Women

When politics or other rather impersonal things arediscussed and when there is no need to agree on a subject, men could be expectedto use fewer hedging devices than women do.

In Holmes’s data, was often used as a booster by women and they also used itas a positive politeness device (expressing agreement with the addressee) moreoften than men did.

Understanding The Difference Between Men And Women By: Michael G

In addition, I took a numberof quotations from the programmes and asked native speakers of British English,men and women alike from different generations, born in the 50s or 60s and inthe 70s or early 80s, to look at the quotations and indicate whether theythought a man or a woman was being quoted.

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If the language of men and women is becoming more similar, as the changinggender notions might lead us to expect, it could be possible that men and womenare becoming more alike in their use of hedging devices.

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The development of this communication with the passage of time, as one part of technology development, has led to many of the greatest challenges facing societies worldwide today .This real challenge which resulted from the ways in which mobile communications have become easily affordable and accessible mean that is not a temporary phenomenon which will disappear.

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Furthermore, this experiment should also take into consideration that the decoder’s bias may have played a role in interpreting emotional reactivity on the faces of male and female subjects, because emotions are more easily judged from women’s than from men’s faces, as Noller suggests. The opinions concerning what men and women can or should express emotionally can modify the interpretations of their actual expressions. This bias, which can be produced by stereotypes concerning the expression of emotions, lead to different perceptions of men’s and women’s emotional facial expression when in fact they are both displaying exactly the same emotion. Further studies can show that sexual stereotypes concerning emotional manifestation can play a role during the decoding of emotional facial expressions even when the encoding differences are controlled. These results can lead us to modify our view of sex differences in emotions by removing at least some of the responsibility for observed bias from the encoder and attributing it to the decoder. This suggests that the recognition of emotional facial expressions is yet another field where stereotypes concerning group membership can have an influence. It is therefore possible that yet unidentified emotional stereotypes can modify the perception and interpretation of visual and contextual information linked to the facial expression of emotions. It would be interesting to be able to identify these stereotypes and to see whether these differences generalize to male encoders.

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Theyhold the view that “there must be some degree of similarity or overlap in thespeech of men and women, otherwise it would be impossible to envisage asituation where they could ever communicate” (Meinhof and Johnson 1997: 11).