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Anger is a normal, healthy response to a threat and may be used for a constructive purpose

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Well, all three have Type I diabetes.

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ohh and to add to actually stay on this topic.. he is very controlling to the point he deleted alot of guys numbers from my phone cause im not allowed to talk to other guys.. he says just him. but he shouldnt be having the trust issues with me, i should be having the trust issues with him…

This is compounded by a lack of awareness on diabetes," he says.

Jhingan says what was most worrisome was the lack of sufficient knowledge about the disease.
2. Quick Attachment and Expression: The Controller has very shallow emotions and connections with others. One of the things that might attract you to a Controller is how quickly he or she says,



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Thank you. I have always been a strong girl but he honestly did break me down. Not through violence or intimadation but constant sulking and nagging. He became moody all the time. As soon as I got in the car he would look me up and down to see what I was wearing, if it wasn’t something he liked then the whole evening was going to be bad.

I was a virgin when I met him so he thought he owned me and often used to say ur mine which I thought was sweet but then it became scary. I tried my best to make insecure I spent all my time with him but it is never enough.

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You seem a really strong girl who has stood up for your rights and let this guy go. Obvious you two were not right for each other. People who realise early on in a relationship usually have the strength to leave, but its the one’s who bury there heads in the sand and ignore the signs that end up victims of abuse. ou boyfriend sounded insecure, he would ideally suit someone who would spend time helping him with trust.

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He had it good…I was always a homely girl loved up, love attention and love and was everything he wanted but these men are never satisfied and your love can’t change them. They are insecure freaks.

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He is texting the last few days and saying I am sorry I can’t believe what I did to you etc etc…but I have heard it all before..gifts etc or evening being sweet is always temporary…

Turns out controlling tendencies can hide anywhere.

I left him…I told him I don’t love him anymore and that’s it I feel low but for the first time in ages I feel free. I can take a bath and have me time, I can do what I want without being asked a thousand questions.

If not, I move on, and so do they.

Good luck everyone believe in yourself…you have beauty and class and someone is out there man enough to love you. Or even be by yourself and make yourself happy. I do miss all the attention but then I remember 8 times out of 10 it’s not attention it’s just them keeping an eye on you and there was an argument atleast once a day…this is no way to live!