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Producing cleaner-burning transport fuel and other valuable liquid products from the world’s largest gas-to-liquids plant, Pearl GTL.

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This Site Deals with Public Corruption Issues in our Nation and Communities. Note Some of the links are being removed to protect the guilty.

Thomas Nast was a cartoonist for Harper's Weekly Magazine

Pearl GTL is the crown jewel in the Shell-Qatar Petroleum partnership and one of the most complex and challenging energy projects ever commissioned
All the activities mentioned so far seem at least semi-legitimate. The problem was that many political machines broke their own laws to suit their purposes. As contracts were awarded to legal business entities, they were likewise awarded to illegal gambling and prostitution rings. Often profits from these unlawful enterprises lined the pockets of city officials. Public tax money and from the business sector increased the bank accounts of these corrupt leaders.


Note Some of the links are being removed to protect the guilty

Sep 27, 2017 · Meet the 18 key figures in the FBI’s college basketball corruption probe, for now
Hastings denies the charges and knowing about the settlement. If he’s to be believed, it’s fair to ask why the government settled. Of course, it’s also fair to ask why American taxpayers are forced to foot the bill for corrupt actions of representatives in the first place and why settlements are protected under an aura of secrecy.

John Adams, at the age of 16, lied about his age to join the Marines so he could fight against Imperial Japan in the Pacific. His enlistment date was December 10, 1941, just three days after the attack on Pearl Harbor (see below). As a Marine rifleman, he fought the Japanese from island to island, across the pacific, including at Iwo Jima. We may have good men, but we never had better.

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And let this sink in: Hastings chose to commemorate Pearl Harbor Day not with a solemn and patriotic remembrance, but with a call to keep his countrymen disarmed. As for his disingenous “states rights” argument, notice “progressives” never argue that when they try to impose national edicts and gun bans.

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Jesus had followers, but the one who became the most famous corrupted his message. The "good news" was the infinite love of God, not Jesus, which was a distinction that Paul did not appreciate, nor did the religion that he founded in Jesus's name: Christianity. Jesus’s message was love, the greatest message ever told. It did not completely fall on deaf ears, but his message gradually became corrupted, beginning with Paul who altered the good news Jesus into the good news Jesus.

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Early Christianity was diverse. By the year 200 CE, there were about forty Christian sects. There were about different versions of the crucifixion drama circulating in those sects: Jesus died on the cross, he survived crucifixion, he was not crucified, the Romans were behind it instead of the Jews, and so forth. Those forty sects were not one big happy family. One Roman observer said that . Each sect had its own holy writings that justified its views, and they often thought that the other sects were wrong.

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There is only one word worth remembering about Jesus's life: love. Using ancient teachings to justify judging, killing, punishing, or oppressing people is not enlightened. It is not what one believes that gets them into “heaven,” so much as . religions are corrupted, not just Christianity. The Dalai Lama may have said it best when he said, "My religion is kindness."