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By 2007 consolodation that reduced this number to 525 credits unions and caisses populaires outside of Quebec.

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"The increase in the tax benefit is one more reason saving for college with the Wisconsin College Savings Program is a great decision for families," said Jessica Fandrich, officer for the State of Wisconsin 529 College Savings Program, DFI. "We're proud to offer this opportunity for our Wisconsin account holders, and look forward to continuing to help families save more while they're saving for college."

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We are opposed to the CFPB’s authority over credit unions, given that they were not responsible for the financial crisis and are more highly regulated than any other financial depository institution. We strongly support legislative improvements to change the structure of the CFPB and believe that an outside mechanism is needed to allow credit unions to challenge exam findings from both the NCUA and the CFPB.


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How to join: Anyone can take advantage of Langley's attractive suite of accounts by paying a fee of as little as $5 to one of several Virginia causes. You’ll have to open a savings account with at least $5 to establish your share in the credit union.

Credit unions played no part in the recent financial crisis, however they have been victims of sweeping regulations targeting institutions who did. As a result, over 1,000 financial institutions have disappeared since the passage of the Dodd-Frank Act and formation of the CFPB, primarily due to the excessive regulatory burdens created since its creation.

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Credit unions are nonprofit institutions owned by their members—meaning they tend to offer accounts and services that are more customer-friendly than those of large national banks. And like banks, they deliver a full range of options, from checking and savings accounts to credit cards, auto loans and mortgages.

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Many credit unions limit membership to people who live in the region or work for eligible employers, but some open their doors to any U.S. customer who joins a qualifying organization. With data from economic research firm Moebs Services, we evaluated 22 such all-access credit unions. Among other factors, we examined the fees, minimum-balance requirements and interest rates on checking, savings and CD accounts from the credit unions.

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Take a look at the seven outstanding credit unions that rose to the top. Most of them participate in the CO-OP shared branch network, allowing members to use the services of 3,500 credit unions with more than 5,000 branches and providing access to nearly 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs.

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"Wisconsin's state-chartered banks had another very good year in 2017," said Jay Risch, Secretary of DFI, which oversees state-chartered financial institutions. "The overall strength of our banking industry is yet another sign of a prosperous and growing Wisconsin economy."

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Virginia-based Langley Federal Credit Union got its start in 1936, when members of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (the predecessor to NASA) chartered it. Later, Langley expanded its reach, opening membership to Air Force civilian and military personnel in the Hampton Roads area. Today, Langley serves those affiliated with qualifying employers, schools and organizations in the Hampton Roads community.