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Here is a quick way to determine if you are using credit cards out of convenience or necessity.

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Another often overlooked security issue when accepting credit cards is a missing signature.
Online Investigations - Conduct research on two different credit cards offered online that are specifically aimed at students and compare them based on credit card fees, interest rates, and benefits of each.

Dangers of Bad Credit Credit Cards

Kalki says one important tip for staff is "don't write down credit card numbers."
Before signing a credit card application, get familiar and read the terms of the agreement. Remember the offer could start with a low interest rate but then after a couple of months will increase. Then it becomes easy to purchase items that you think you need. (Learn to distinguish your need from your wants). If by the end of the month you don’t have enough cash to pay off your bill you will start accumulating finance charges. If this keeps happening, you may get into deep credit card debt. At the very least, you’ll end up paying a lot more for your purchases than their original price. You might put yourself in serious financial problems.


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This debt management article warns you about the dangers of credit card use and credit card debt.
What used to be a monthly nag of paying the bills, has become a chronic crisis. Even going to the grocery store produces stress. The worries and concerns that used to enter your life once each month when the bill arrived, now consume your thoughts every day. Your credit cards have become a daily drain on your life. In some ways you are becoming financially paralyzed by them.

"Often times credit card criminals use poor equipment to create fraudulent credit cards resulting in cards that visually appear irregular," Levin said. He noted that if the numbers don’t line up and are crooked, it's likely this is a fake credit card.

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Palko said criminals use a stolen a credit card number or purchase one on the black market to create their own card with their own magnetic strip.

Some folks say credit cards are evil

A 2012 survey by the found that 86% of college students had at least one credit card and 50% had four or more. The average debt was $4,100. That’s a significant number and an amount that can be truly limiting, especially as recent grads tumble into less-than-robust job markets and entry-level jobs with relatively low pay.

It's not the credit cards that are evil – it's the debt that's bad

"Once entered, the employee cannot pull the credit card number fully back up," Black explained. This prevents employees from accessing customer credit card information. "They may be able to see the last four digits to verify it, but the data should be locked out."

The dangers of using a personal credit card for business expenses

"Many businesses allow a customer to make purchases on a card, and then return the item for cash as opposed to refunding it back to the card," Black said. The original purchase may be completed using a stolen credit card, with the fraudsters then returning the items to get the cash.

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The total credit card debt you owe can be compared to a thermometer. The higher it registers, the more danger you are in. The higher the credit card debt, the more wide spread the financial cancer. Increasing credit card debt leads to a sick financial life. Analysis: make a chart showing the total amount of outstanding credit card debt for the last 12 months. What is the trend? Up or Down?