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In 2005, Father Damien was chosen as the Greatest Belgian of all time by the Flemish public broadcasting service, VRT.

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In the first reading (Lev 13:1-2,44-46) we heard the rules concerning lepers.
''= DAMIEN'' is a one-man show in more than one sense. The play, now at the Theater of the Open Eye, is a vehicle for that fine actor Eugene Troobnick. It is also a portrait in depth of Joseph Damien De Veuster, Belgian missionary to the lepers on the Hawaiian island of Molokai from 1871 to 1889, when he himself died of leprosy.

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The most touching events came out of Father's love for the lepers and their love for him. The funerals turned into processions of music and joy; for the hope of resurrection was now with them. Groups formed for the purpose of happy feasting; there were torch bearers for processions, a band, and a choir.


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He slept under a tree for several weeks while he built huts, a church and clinics. He was incredibly strong and could build entire buildings by himself working nonstop day and night. In fact, the effort required for half the things he did was superhuman. Although the lepers were still sick and suffering, they came to know their God given worth and the love of the Father. Morals and morale were both vastly improved.

In November 1883, Mother Marianne, then Provincial Mother, traveled from Syracuse to Honolulu with six other nuns to answer a call for aid to the Hansen's disease sufferers. In 1888, she moved to Kalaupapa to help the ailing Father Damien of Moloka'i. When the famed priest died, Mother Marianne Cope took over the care of the patients of Kalaupapa. She remained there until her death in 1918.

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While he was a thorn in the side of the health department because of his constant demands on behalf of his lepers, the tender care Fr. Damien showed to the outcasts transformed their lives so completely .

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Damien and Mother Marianne Cope (ministers to leper colony), Don Ho (entertainer), Kaahumanu (Hawaiian queen), Duke Paoa Kahanamoku (Olympic swimmer), Kamahameha I (first Hawaiian king), Kamehameha V (last of the dynasty), Liliuokalani (last Hawaiian monarch), Bette Midler (singer), Ellison Onizuka (astronaut), Chad Rowan (sumo wrestler), Carolyn Suzanne Sapp (Miss America 1991), Don Stroud (actor), Claus Spreckels (developer)

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Of course Fr. Damien did get leprosy. He knew he would and long after he could barely walk he was still keeping up his frantic pace of building, planning, begging supplies, and saying Mass for his beloved lepers. He was only able to relax and die peacefully after knowing his replacements would carry on his work and the lepers would never be abandoned. This April 15th, 1999 will be the 110th anniversary of his death.

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When Fr. Damien volunteered to go minister to the leper colony on the island of Molokai, he knew he would never be able to leave there. The treatment of these poor, poor people is not to be believed. They were removed from their spouses, children, etc. and dropped off on the island with barely anything. The government figured they could grow their own food despite the fact that anyone in the advanced stages of leprosy has few of their fingers or toes.

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Lepers had to live outside the village or town in a sort of leper colony because of the contagious nature of the disease (Lev 13:46 conclusion to first reading).