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Death of a Salesman "Ben: Why boys, when I was seventeen I walked into the jungle, and when I was twenty-one I walked out.

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However, this is clearly done by the characters and not the author, because Parson does refer to it as death and takes note of how completely inappropriate death seems in this otherwise .

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People dying on Bones is nothing new, but one of the characters expresses doubt as to whether Brennen can avoid talking about autopsies or grisly modes of death long enough to appear on a kiddie .


was an English Romantic poet whose reputation grew after his death ..

And two of the Ranger characters had backstories involving the deaths of people close to them, both of which were shown on-camera in flashbacks.

Other characters get killed in a more traditional sense of karmic death, for instance, the Upper Class Twit officer being murdered by a particularly disgruntled (possibly deranged) trooper.

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When this second character fell from a great height while grappling with the main villain, his death was dubbed away, to the point of the main cast (with shocked expressions and streaming tears) saying "He fell into the water..." A brief voice-over informs us that he was alive, but just really badly hurt.

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If the character was obviously killed but instead they refer to their death with "they were taken away", of if a certain version of something changes a character's death scene so they never died, then it is an example.

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This is not a trope for every single examples where a villain uses wording to do with something other than death when confronting the hero, or vice-versa.It should be noted also, that this isn't for examples in which a show has a character being "taken away" instead of killed.

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Also note that just because a character didn't mention any variation of "dead", "die" or "death", that doesn't automatically make it an example of this trope.

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theme of the play Reveal information about Willy The Bell Jar Reveal information about Esther Death of a Salesman "Linda: Willy, darling, you're the handsomest man in the world--
Willy: Oh, no, Linda" (Miller 24).

"Linda: Willy, he was just saying--
I heard what he said!" (Miller 45)

"Linda: Maybe things are beginning to--
Willy [wildly enthused, to Linda]: Stop interurpting!" (Miller 47).