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It reviewedthe work of 150 clinics, and it attempted to say something abouthow psychologists should be educated.

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Two significant facets of clinical psychology, as we know ittoday, were, however, lacking then.
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The UCL Doctorate in Clinical Psychology is currently the largest professional training course for Clinical Psychologists in the United Kingdom, and welcomes high-calibre candidates from the UK and abroad.


Lightner Witmer and the beginning of clinical psychology

Dr. Laura Zahodne is a 2012 graduate of the Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology.
This module aims to provide students with the opportunity to discuss concepts, theories and research methods in cross-cultural psychology, including analysis of psychological definitions of culture and cultural variables. Specific topics in social and developmental psychology are considered from a cross-cultural perspective, for example, cultural values, social roles and relationships, family organisation, and selected topics in child development.

Goal 4. Application of Psychology to Personal Development and Mental Health.
The course also aims to engender in students an ability to reflect on the nature of human behaviour in an informed and systematic manner, and to provide them with an opportunity to gain an understanding of the scope of clinical psychology theory and practice.

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The Clinical Psychology program has been fully accredited by the American Psychological Association since 1977 and is patterned upon the scientist-practitioner model of clinical training. Students are not considered for admission on a part-time basis. Through the medium of courses, practicums, and research experiences, this emphasis area prepares Clinical Psychologists for careers in research, teaching, and clinical practice.

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A key aim of the degree is to provide students with the opportunity to develop a realistic appreciation of the work of a clinical psychologist. Guest lectures by experienced psychologist practitioners aim to introduce students to issues in professional practice. The course is also designed to prepare students for further training at postgraduate level — the next step towards becoming a Clinical Psychologist.

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Students in the Clinical Psychology program participate for three years in the Psychology Department's Community Psychological Services clinic. This facility provides psychological services to the public and consultation to outside agencies. Students also receive clinical experience in clerkships and during a full-time, year-long internship. Research requirements include an initial independent research project, a major critical review of research in a specialty area, and a dissertation.

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The Clinical Psychology graduate program is accredited by the American Psychological Association and the course offerings fulfill specific training domains associated with APA accreditation.