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There are two ways to approach dissatisfaction: passively or actively.

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For a long time, this cycle of dissatisfaction remained a complacent protest.
To better understand employee attitudes and motivation, Frederick Herzberg performed studies to determine which factors in an employee's work environment caused satisfaction or dissatisfaction. He published his findings in the 1959 book .

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I enjoyed that, but what about dissatisfaction that you can’t do anything about? Not everything in life is changeable.
Active dissatisfaction, on the other hand, is looking behind the curtain of our unhappiness and asking, “What is this trying to tell me? What is the purpose of this dissatisfaction?”


Body image dissatisfaction among males

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I stopped thinking about what was inauthentic and started defining what my ideal experience for me. And any time my dissatisfaction would come up at work I would say to myself “Thanks for the reminder. I’m going to channel this energy back into my business and goal of becoming self employed.”

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Stress causes unconscious physical reactions in humans: Glucose is provided as prompt energy source, blood pressure rises to assure sufficient blood supply of muscles, heartbeat and respiration accelerate, alertness is increased. Reactions which have developed in evolution to allow human ancestors being in danger to prepare for fight or flight and thus to survive still enhance performance and concentration in modern humans. Therewith, acute stress situations can be quite useful. An individual at permanent stress, however, takes serious hazards for his/her health: Women balancing between family and work just as men with overestimated capacities, perfectionists or individuals under mental (divorce, dissatisfaction at work, depression) or high physical stress (competitive sports).

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The second approach sees negative feelings as an indicator for something being off course. There’s a misalignment with what you really want, and your emotional response is telling you that this doesn’t feel good and that you want something different. In that moment of dissatisfaction you can wallow and repeat the pattern, or you can harness it to help you define what you actually do want.


Passive dissatisfaction most commonly involves complaining about something, but not doing much to change or transform the situation. It’s pretty much saying “This sucks, but it’s just the way it is.”

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ost of the time, we our dissatisfaction and frustration. It’s something that we try to sweep away and force a grin in spite of our obvious unrest. And the more we strain for indifference, the more the wheel of discord keeps spinning.


Then somewhere along the way I had a moment of clarity. What if I could do something different? What if I could fuel this dissatisfaction into creating something purposeful and beautiful?

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In conclusion, yes, change is inevitable. Basic economic principles dictate that were there is demand, there will be someone that comes along that fills the need. Hopefully, there’s a comparable product that exists now or will be created in the future. This change wasn’t the death of a platform that failed; TD Ameritrade acquired and then killed a competing platform. TD Ameritrade’s management made that choice. Now make your choice to voice dissatisfaction and leave.