• doing good is also good for business
  • After all, doing good is good for business.
  • Is good ethics really good for business

The opposition to the evil businessman in meets in the local church, presided over by the town'ssympathetic minister.

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Like the banker in , he brings a worldly business knowledge to this small Western town.
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contrasts the nobility of working on infrastructure for the public good (the dam and town protectors), with an anti-social spree of theft, motivated by greed.

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In fact, the crooks here are a group of well-to-do businessmenin town, running a syndicate.
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In and , we see sparks from the forge; but in , the blacksmith is working on wagon wheels (whatelse from a filmmaker nicknamed Wagon Wheel Joe?)The crooks are all prominent business or professional men in thetown.


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Once again in Lewis, the town itself and its businessmenare "characters" in the film.
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The commanding officer Colonel Corbett (Frank Lovejoy) and thehero Captain Hanson (Richard Carlson) are another instance ofthat familiar Lewis pair, the tough older man working for a governmentinstitution, and his younger, good looking deputy.

Once again in Lewis, a town and its business people are a "protagonist"of a film.
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Hero Lucas' farm is always treated as a business, and sonMark has his own small enterprises that are training him for hisfuture role as a profit-oriented farmer.

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We also seefewer townspeople and businesses in thanis typical for Lewis: only the hero's freight business and thebanker and the woman bank teller are well characterized.

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The freighttransport business the hero runs in isless visually and technologically interesting than the telegraphbusiness the hero works for in (thetelegraph coming to town in is completelyoff-screen, and is only mentioned in the dialogue).

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And in some good detective work, Nevins tracked down the actual original, which just gets a vague credit on screen (Mason is credited in the film with just an unnamed "story idea" - not so, he wrote an actual short story!).

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Contemporary Hollywoodthrillers all seem to be set in some hick town full of good oldboys who hang out in the town's only lunch room - bar - pool hall.

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He greets the femalebank teller warmly, before getting down to a business conversation,and at the film's end, when the hero and the teller get good financialnews, they reach out and grasp each other's hands warmly.

The Films of Joseph H. Lewis - by Michael E. Grost

Running a socially-conscious business is usually good for business. Many consumers, especially Millennials, would rather do business with a company that gives back than one that doesn’t. But, according to MediaPost’s blog, there could be an even bigger payoff for socially-conscious entrepreneurs.