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Alternatively, the dream indicates dangers or problems that are not yet madeknown to you.
If you are in thebackseat of the car, then it indicates that you are putting yourself down andare allowing others to take over. This may be a result of low self-esteemor low self-confidence. Overall, this dream symbol is an indication ofyour dependence and degree of control you have on your life.

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Metaphorically, drivinga car in your dream is analogous to your sex life and sexual performance.
If you are almost hit by a car that looks like a cat, then it suggeststhat you are hindering someone's goals or not letting them be who they are.


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The dream is drawing your attention to somethingthat you need to see or take notice.
Thus, this dream may then denote an aspect of your life (career,relationship, children, etc ), which is consistently draining your enthusiasmand vitality.

Driving a black car in a dream is alsoan indication of some ulterior motive.
It may also not a bad idea to check out the brakes inyour car, as you mind might have picked up subtle cues and is manifesting theproblem in your dream.