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Whatis the difference between statistical significance and economic significance?

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What does the data tell us about the racial and gender differencesin economic status?
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TABLE 4-2 Socioeconomic Status by Race and Ethnicity Among Persons Aged 65 Years and Older
Variability in the effect of socioeconomic status over the life course is an additional complication. In late life, which aspects of status have the most influence on health? At the start of the life course, socioeconomic status is acquired from one’s parents, who not only provide financial support but also influence the education of their children. Children may also acquire from their parents habits and personal characteristics that directly affect health. How intergenerational transmission of all these factors is patterned by race or ethnicity may be important, given the influence of early life factors on late-life health. Reciprocal causation between socioeconomic status and health is an important aspect of the lifelong effect of status, and whether it operates similarly across the life course for different racial and ethnic groups needs study.


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Opening up the African economies to market forces of trade and technological diffusion is also important.
Racial tolerance continues to be a clear trend in American society. In fact, during the past six years there has been a significant positive change in the perceptions of both African Americans and whites regarding the present state of race relations. The changed attitudes have reached the point where an African American is now the Democratic candidate in the 2008 Presidential race. Many of the issues that are presently important to racial minorities are issues faced by low income Americans generally, for example access to affordable health care and quality education. The 2008 Democratic platform is remarkably silent on the issue of race - a significant departure from past platforms. The document merely reiterates the Party's opposition to all forms of discrimination. The 2008 Republican platform states that the Party opposes racial, ethnic or religious discrimination of all kinds and specifically rejects the concept of "reverse discrimination" in government or industry.

The health gradient by socioeconomic status widens through childhood and the adult working years and then contracts after retirement (Case et al., 2002; Crimmins et al., 2004; House et al., 1994). After some age, changes in some aspects of socioeconomic status have diminishing effects on health; it is unclear which changes in aspects of socioeconomic status continue to affect health in old age.

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), authors Elsa Artadi and Xavier Sala-i-Martin review both the deteriorating economic status of the African continent and the ways in which rich nations, as well as the African nations themselves, might help the poor nations of the continent.

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An understanding of racial issues facing America has to be viewed in a historical context. African Americans arrived shackled in chains as slaves and their social status was defined by their captivity. Consider the following language from the U.S. Supreme Court in the infamous Dred Scott decision justifying the inferior status accorded to blacks:

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Using the robust econometric determinants of economic growth in a cross-section of countries, the authors pinpoint the most important factors behind the tragedy.

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Since 1975 the investment rate has declined to 8.5 percent for the whole continent, compared to investment rates for the average-performing OECD economy of between 20 and 25 percent, and for East-Asian economies of 30 percent.

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The institution of slavery was ultimately abhorrent to white Americans in the North and a civil war was fought to end this practice. But institutional reforms were short-lived. The majority of the African American population remained in the South and their social and political ostracism in that region remained virtually unchanged. Blacks did migrate to other regions of the country in the 20th century. But a pattern of separate social status and cultural characteristics existed outside of the south as well. African Americans chiefly migrated to large cities and were relegated to racially exclusive neighborhoods. They remained segregated from many mainstream institutions, including the military, until after World War 2.