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, according to , which has leapt to the defense of the public nudists.

One final point: What is the feminist position on all this?

Why are only feminists allowed to point this out?

These guys should cover up just because they’re so unimpressive.
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On the other hand, in states where there is no "certificate of need" system, the state allows as many hospices in as wish to operate, sometimes as many as 60 hospices in a metropolitan area. Competition for patients is fierce, something the public never sees. That competition for business dollars has many consequences, often damaging to small hospices with greater dedication to the mission of hospice as envisioned by Dame Cicely Saunders, the mission people expect to be reflected in the services provided to their loved one.

How come nudists are always the people nobody wants to see naked?

Wouldn’t having laws against lewd thoughts make them “thought crimes”?
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* To provide existing EOLC programs, Last Acts Partners and Coalitions with information about culturally appropriate and effective communications materials, and other resources that they can use to increase their ability to engage diverse residents in conversations about, planning for and improving end-of-life-care in their communities.


Weiner’s Law…hilarious and thought provoking. Like the way you think.

Why will nobody else make jokes about the fact the law is being proposed by Mr. Weiner?
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One policy proposal with a notably strong social-beneficencecommitment is the routine retrieval of organs andtissues. In this system of procurement, a community is permitted to,and encouraged to, routinely collect organs and tissues from thedeceased, unless the dead person had previously registered his or herobjection to the system with the state. The routine retrieval oftissues and organs from the deceased is unjustified on traditionalgrounds of respect for autonomy. However, advocates of the policy ofroutine retrieval argue that members of a community have an obligationto provide other persons with objects of lifesaving value when no costto themselves is required. That is, the justification is inbeneficence, not respect for autonomy.

When bodies are outlawed, only outlaws will show their bodies. Have burqa, will travel outside SF.
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This hospice is very big and powerful in Pinellas County, Florida. Founded in 1977, it's among the earlier hospices in the country. And like many hospices, its board members consist of some of the most prominent leaders in town, the executives of some local businesses, a few county commissioners and other wealthy citizens. The hospice brings in huge amounts of money from donations in addition to the government's reimbursements. While the hospice itself is nonprofit, it has a for-profit subsidiary, Suncoast Solutions that produces hospice management software. Some of the board members of the nonprofit hospice have also served on the board of the hospice foundation as well as the for-profit subsidiary.

Let’s sell California to Mexico…

Knowing that they hired these two felons directly into the Finance Department, Wynn (the embezzler) to assist the head of Finance, and Eckerd (the thief) in payroll, it's perfectly clear, without any exaggeration, they value felons' expertise and wanted that expertise for their own. If it were fiction it might make for an interesting story, but it is tragically true. This is how the largest nonprofit in our nation is run, and it is very revealing indeed about what kind of people run it.

Violence doesn’t work. Nudity & safe sex does!

A class action in February of 2003 . The lawsuit was brought against the hospice for disclosing private information about patients including their names, addresses, diagnoses and telephone numbers. I personally went online and saw the Suncoast Solutions "ftp" website where the data was publicly accessible (, , ) and verified that personal information was being released on the ftp site as well as within software help screens, contrary to patient privacy protections. The "publicly accessible ftp" site was not password-protected and contained files that could be downloaded that contained the information. The lawsuit also was brought alleging that the hospice (run by CEO, Mary Labyak) diverted funds (that had been donated to the nonprofit) to the for-profit subsidiary:

Why was there not a single nude woman at this protest?

My friend, Christina Brundage, RN, a very experienced and dedicated nurse has told me and others about some of her experiences working at that Hospice of the Florida Suncoast:


"They were working on all these ways to get more patients in that weren't terminal, they were going to have all these new programs - a palliative care program, a home health program .... like they were trying to bring in more and more people and fought so hard to keep any competition out.