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This issues paper explores voluntary euthanasia
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There is a reason the major media refuses to publish the truth about hospice, palliative care, health care reform and stealth euthanasia. Most of the major media outlets like the Washington Post, ABC News, CNN and others have direct connections to those who support the culture of death approach: George Soros and others. and active journalists are on the boards of directors of Soros-funded organizations. In addition, many journalists support the Third Way stealth euthanasia practiced in many hospice and palliative care units (just "let him go") and the legalization of euthanasia and assisted-suicide. This is clear from the regular and distorted major media coverage of cases like the killing of the abused and neglected woman Terri Schiavo and others like her as well as the regular refusal of the major media to cover the topic of stealth euthanasia and Third Way killing at all. Even though they know about it and have investigated and confirmed it exists (after contacting us here at HPA), they continue to censor coverage of this dark reality of American society.

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With a knowledge of the meaningful terms that will be involved,it is important to discuss the legal state of euthanasia in theUnited States today. As technology has placed more and more peopleon life sustaining devices in this country, the courts have hadto deal with several cases that pertain to euthanasia in a varietyof ways. This section of the paper is designed to review thosecases briefly and to assess how the rulings in those cases haveset the policy for the practice of euthanasia today.


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3. Modify/narrow thesis in subsequent drafts; consider & try out additional methods of development; respond to varied prompts on a topic; discuss language choices in a piece of writing.

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"Robust" compliance program? They make it sound like the administration never knew about the fraud going on. They make it sound as if the top administrators truly care about running a completely honest operation. Fraud of this magnitude can never occur without the knowledge of top administrators. These corporate integrity agreements allow those who initiated and then carried out the fraud to plan on paper how they will "prevent" future fraud. What would the public think if we had every bank robber write down a plan for how he is not going to rob banks in the future? And then release him from custody with half the money he stole from the bank? How many bank robberies would that stop?

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Monsignor Orville N. Griese. .
The Pope John Center, 186 Forbes Road, Braintree, Massachusetts 02184. 538 pages, 1987. The author examines in detail every one of the incredible range of ethical and moral questions that more and more Catholic hospitals are going to be to address by our more and more pro-abortion government. Topics covered include sterilization; emergency infant baptisms; natural family planning; the use of the birth control pill; the various types of artificial insemination; surrogate motherhood; abortion; passive and active euthanasia; informed consent; gender identity problems and transsexualism; the "double effect;" fetal experimentation and organ transplantation; and the right of a spouse to be informed of his or her partner's AIDS infection. This book is the only known source that collects in one place all of the most important Catholic teaching on all of the above ethical and moral issues.

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This analysis has provided an overview of the ethical conflictthat has arisen regarding death in American society. It has presenteddefinitions and an examination of the legal state of euthanasiaand assisted suicide, along with a discussion of a fierce societaldebate where both sides of the controversy are represented. Ihave also presented some different philosophical and ethical approachesin an attempt to determine which courses of action on this subjectare ethical. While traditional ethical theories and approachesto the problem are found to be lacking, the metaphysics of qualityand its resultant ethic of care allow us to understand that morallycorrect decisions regarding euthanasia and assisted suicide canbe made and that there is no specific set of rules which can aidus in these decisions. Such decisions must be made by individualsinvolved in their own situations, and we as a society must deferto the individual's power that resides in the intellectual capacityfor original thought.

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However, those who wished to further the agenda of legalizing euthanasia realized they could "use" what naturally happens at the end-of-life to their advantage. They realized that because patients naturally stop eating as much, and then stop altogether, they could simply move up the timeline, withholding food and fluids before the patient was actively dying and death would occur from dehydration. Marker and Smith continue: