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Aggressive dogs with 2 inch mouths are not deadly. Pits are bred to bite to kill! There is a difference.

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I bred and trained horses for years, mostly quarter horses and paints. Certain lines in the quarter horse business are bred for certain purposes. There are lines of halter horses that have to be retrained every day…beautiful, but not a brain in their heads. Some of the working horse lines are incredibly well-balanced and good-tempered. Then, throw in the ability of the trainer and you have a wide range of results. Think about cats. Maine Coons are docile and dog like. Siamese are sassy and not just vocally. Most dogs were originally bred for a function and it needs to be taken into account when you make the decision to include them in you life. I’ve owned labs, dachshunds, Australian shephers, blue heelers and then bully breeds for the last 20 years. My last rottie was the kindest dog who ever breathed, and the smartest…she would have died for me. She never showed any aggression toward anyone. Of course, I never had someone break into my house in the middle of the night. I am sure that I would have seen another side of her. Training and socialization should be included in the life of each and every dog. Pitties get bred in back yards to fight because none of the sociopaths would show up to bet on a fight between chihuahuas. Pitties look like gladiators, unfortunately for them.

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Yes, those are the three most aggressive but what are the top three dogs reported in the most attacks? I bet it’s none of those three.
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Biting and aggressive are not positively correlated. A dog can bite out of aggression, or it could bite simply out of fear. Any dog can bite given the right circumstance. Dogs should not be labelled by their breed. It is important to assess each animal as individual for its temperament. An under-socialized backyard and fearful lab can bite out of fear, but would anyone want to sell the news about biting lab? Perhaps it’s time to stop over analyzing and just help educate the public about the importance of how to proper raise a dog by using positive reinforcement and and reward based training as well as the importance of proper socialization with both people and other animals.


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ANY dog CAN BE aggressive if they are NOT treated right. Studies need to be based on how a person treats an animal and not on the breed.
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Our family has included members of the “aggressive dog hit parade” – Chows, German Shepherds, Dobermans and now a Pit. ALL of them have been great dogs and especially gentle with very young children and our much older (in their 90s) relatives. Any breed can show aggressive tendencies or be “bad” if raised and socialized improperly. Yes, the big breeds can be dangerous because they’re bigger and stronger. They can also be the most loyal, trusted dogs to add to your family. No bad dogs, just bad people.

Most people think of small and toy breeds as cute, clownish and harmless, but that is not always true. Here is a look at some of the most aggressive small dog breeds.
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I have had big dogs & little dogs through out my entire life. For the past 20 years we have always had a Dachshund in our home, not one of them has EVER been aggressive. Neither has any of our big dogs. I think that it is all in how you raise & treat your dog, not the breed type.

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Anyone who believes pitbulls are bred to guard has not done research. Bully breeds such as the AmStaff and the ABPT were bred to be highly excitable with a high prey drive and tenacity for DOG FIGHTING. An dog that showed any type of “guardian” human aggression was culled. All in all, Bully breeds are exceptional breeds as I own 2 myself as well as a boxer. It’s sad that we dont hold the humans responsible for what they have caused. If a dog is aggressive in any way there is always a human to blame. Whether you did not set out boundaries for the dog and trained it, or you bred them it is always your fault. A dog will only do what you allow it to as well as what you tell it to do.

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I have what people have pinned as an Argentine Dogo, it is not a recognized AKC Breed. She looks like a pitbull, a boxer, and a great pyrenees got together and Lucy (my dog) happened. She smiles and loves people especially kids. The only time she ever showed even the slightest aggression was toward the pedipaw I brought to file her nails. She turned around and gently nibbled on my fingers to let me know she was not okay with the pedipaw. She loves all people. Even my neighbors have fallen in love with her and say I have a great dog. Lucy also hardly ever barks. My only complaint is she sheds and sheds and sheds. Any ideas how to get a handle on the shedding?

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That’s funny that the number one dog is a Dachshund! LOL I own 5 Dachies and a Pit Bull/Shar-pei the only one who will bite you is our Mini Dachshund Oscar! He tries his best to get folks ankles when they walk in the door, but when our Pit Name Max runs to the door all he wants to do is smell you and lick. Now he does scare folks but when I tell them not to fear him its our little dog you must fear, folks just don’t believe me!
I have or grew up with Bully Breeds Like the Rotties, Boxers, Chows, Dobies, and Pibbles. I never in my life seen any of them being aggressive towards other dogs, unless they were in our yard, Where clearly they didn’t belong, but never had bitten anyone. Now I have 5 Mini Dachshunds and truly know Our Oscar will and can be ugly we just either pick him up or send him to his kennel. Thanks for having this info about Dachshunds being the number one biter!