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If you really look closely you might discover a silver lining in the difficulties you have gone through. Almost every experience you go through, whether good or bad, has a gift to give. Finding a piece of knowledge, a special insight, or a greater capacity to empathize, love or connect to others can enrich your life if you recognize what you are learning along the way. These gifts might heal a relationship, open opportunities to contribute, grow your career, or help you to see strength in yourself that you didn’t know you had. Difficult experiences can help you to refine your character and make you wiser and stronger. Facing the hard stuff is how we mature. You may realize that overcoming negative feelings is how we grow up.

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What You Need to Know. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder can be a difficult, confusing experience. To overcome OCD, you need a clear understanding of how OCD works.
Knowledge is ubiquitous – this is what we are told in these days of internationalization and globalization. The author remains dubious about this sweeping generalization that leaves little room for contextual factors.
Bandwidth in African countries may improve; internet access prices are decreasing; and mobile phones as receivers could increasingly be available – but as long as income, especially in rural areas, remains as it is, no person and no small organisation will be financially able to access this global knowledge.
The digital divide is not only infrastructural, it is also a financial, skill and educational divide. IT literacy is not in high gear all over the globe, especially not in rural Africa.
Assuming global knowledge is available and accessible, it will often only be of minor use in local organisations. Knowledge about knowledge sharing technologies, about transparency, and about proper knowledge management may make perfect sense in some parts of the world it may be impractical or inapplicable other parts of the world. For instance, elegant and perfect software solutions are a non-practical idea in a rural African organisation; video-conferencing does not work when nobody knows how to establish a connection, whereas SMS/text conferences that work in southern African could be viewed as ridiculous in European contexts. In the global knowledge inventory - the internet might be defined as - solutions for rural organisations’ problems are (still) rare.
In many cases, relevant knowledge is not explicit. Organisations often do not have the chance to make this information explicit either, e.g. due to a lack of individual language skills, a lack of verbal or drawing skills, or a lack of skills to describe in proper structure. And making information explicit can also be hindered by ethnical, moral, cultural or legal constraints or labour law provisions. In specific circumstances, personnel chose to keep silent in order not to compromise themselves or others or disrupt the status quo.
Even if English as a lingua franca is spoken all over the globe, there will always be additional language barriers in particular contexts.


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05/02/2018 · Get Pat Robertson's latest teaching "The Transforming Word, Volume II: Verses to Overcome Fear and Experience Peace".
Find out – is it a general fear of driving phobia, driving on freeways or bridges, phobia of busy intersections, fear of how to park on crowded streets without smashing a light…?How to Overcome Your Specific Fear of DrivingOnce you find out what exactly scares you while driving, sit next to an experienced driver among your family or friends, and observe how they do it.Now apply the technique that we discussed above right there as your partner drives through the scary bridge, intersection, freeway, or whatever that gives you the fear of driving.For example, consider that you have . Watch your partner drive effortlessly and skillfully on the freeway.Absorb the situation.

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One of the things that held me back from pursuing my dreams for many years was fear of failure … and the lack of self-confidence that I needed to overcome that fear.It’s something we all face, to some degree, I think.

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Be gentle with yourself. Realize that overcoming negative emotions is how to heal from difficult or devastating experiences. It takes a little time to put negative emotions behind you but doesn’t have to take as long as you might think. When you continue to hold onto negative emotions about the experiences from your past rather than letting go, you are essentially allowing an ugly piece of your past encroach upon your present time. If you permit this you might end up with a boat load of “Trapped Emotions” in the energy field of your body that will eventually create pain, malfunction or distress for you. Studies have shown that negative emotions are linked to the creation of inflammation in the body which make them the root of many disease processes. They lower immune function and deregulate the endocrine system. Negative emotional energies can really sabotage your life! They definitely impact your here and now in more ways than one.