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Australia's High Court ruled that suspected Nazi war criminal cannot be extradited to Hungary to face war crimes accusations.

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Secret files reveal 9,000 Nazi war criminals fled to South America after WWII.
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Since the 2011 precedent, Germany and the US have begun cooperating to bring the last suspected Nazi war criminals in their 80s and 90s to justice. An extradition request from Germany led to the June arrest of 89-year-old Philadelphian for allegedly helping kill thousands of Jews at the Auschwitz and Buchenwald concentration camps. However, Breyer in a Philadelphia hospital weeks later while awaiting his extradition.

Why Argentina Accepted Nazi War Criminals After World War II

Apr 28, 2015 · 10 Nazi War Criminals Who May Escape Justice Forever
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Australia's High Court ruled on Wednesday that suspected Nazi war criminal cannot be extradited to Hungary to face accusations that he tortured and killed a Jewish teenager during World War II.


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These new nations requested the extradition of many war criminals in allied prisons
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After the war, communist regimes were created in Poland, Yugoslavia, and other parts of Eastern Europe. These new nations requested the extradition of many war criminals in allied prisons. A handful of them, such as the Ustashi General Vladimir Kren, were eventually sent back, tried, and executed. Many more were allowed to go to Argentina instead because the Allies were reluctant to hand them over to their new communist rivals where the outcome of their war trials would inevitably result in their executions.

"Why Argentina Accepted Nazi War Criminals After World War II."
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But, before we begin to examine each of
these cases we must first establish Israel's right to judicial processing
of alleged Nazi war criminals.

To understand the complications involved in Israel placing suspected
Nazi war criminals on trial, lets review the history of Israel's situation.
During World War II the Nazis were persecuting Jews in their concentration

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President of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, Danny Lamm, said it was a sad day for the victim’s family and all those who awaited the Nazi criminal to be brought to justice, The Australian reported.

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The Nazi war criminals and collaborators may have been butchers, but there is no doubt that they were rabidly anti-communist. Perón thought these men would come in useful in the "upcoming" conflict between the USA and the USSR. As time passed and the dragged on, these Nazis would eventually be seen as the bloodthirsty dinosaurs they were.

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Proof, said officials, that Hitler had committed suicide by putting a gun to his head. But earlier this year, researchers from the University of Connecticut released the results of a DNA test on the skull which they say proves not only that it didn't belong to the Nazi leader, but the remains were that of a female aged between 20 and 40 years old. The findings might have encouraged one of the wilder conspiracy theories about Hitler to flourish, but researchers were not claiming that Hitler was a woman. Nor do they think that the remains are likely to be those of Hitler's long term partner Eva Braun, who, so the story goes, killed herself at the same time and place as the Fuehrer in 1945. Yet despite the new evidence, Russian officials remain adamant that the remains are Hitler's and, in their defense, have released archive documents in an attempt to prove the bones are authentic. A report published by Russia's Interfax news agency this week quotes the head of the FSB archives saying Hitler's remains, except parts of his skull and jaw, were burnt in 1970 and thrown into the Biederitz River in what was then East Germany. FSB archives' chief Lieutenant-General Vasily Khristoforov told Interfax that the decision to destroy Hitler's remains and those of Eva Braun and the Goebbels family was ordered by the head of Russia's KGB -- forerunner to the FSB -- Yury Andropov [who briefly became Soviet leader in 1982]. "Andropov clearly listed the plan: To remove and destroy the remains of the war criminals, buried in Magdeburg [Germany] on February 21, 1946..." Khristoforov told Interfax. Khristoforov said Andropov's decision to dispose of Hitler's ashes in the river nearly 40 years ago was "motivated by the KGB and Communist Party leaders' fears that the place where Hitler was buried could become a place of attraction for supporters of his ideas." Interesting though they are, the Khristoforov's revelations don't shed any more light on the authenticity of the skull. For now, U.S.

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It's not like World War Two ended one day in 1945 and suddenly everyone realized how horrible the Nazis had been. Even after Germany was defeated, there were many powerful men in Europe who had favored the Nazi cause and continued to do so.