• FGM is most commonly practiced in various African ..
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  • is most commonly practiced in various African ..

A study, financed by Norwegian People's Aid, on the epidemic practice of Female Genital Mutilation in the Horn of Africa.

Many experts hold that female genital mutilation is an African ..

Why Female Genital Mutilation Is an Unhealthy Practice?

09/06/2016 · Female Genital Mutilation: An Islamic Or "Cultural" Practice
If I were asked to make a decision about my own daughter, I wouldn’t choose circumcision for her. But what about the question raised by these anthropologists: Should outsiders be telling African women what initiation practices are acceptable?

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Oct 02, 2014 · Says female genital mutilation is "a central African ..
As to barbaric practices, please. As mentioned, there is circumcision and vaginal rejuvenation along with various breast (and body) augmentations, other vaginal procedures often done for purely cosmetic reasons (e.g., labia augmentation), and a number of other invasive procedures, many having little to do with the individual’s health (the (weak) argument of one’s mental health notwithstanding). And let’s not forget the ‘practice’ of killing innocents in the name of peace and humanitarian aid. Humans are quick to condemn, and far quicker to be hypocrites.


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But in countries where more than one survey has been done, it does appear that the number of girls who have been cut is slowly reducing. The UN population fund and Unicef, the UN children's fund, say 8,000 communities in Africa have agreed to abandon the traditional practice. They have been involved in supporting awareness of the health and human rights issues, in negotiations and discussions with the leaders of the communities and in suggesting alternative rituals. Where this process is successful, the social status and marriage prospects of young girls are not damaged as they could be if their families acted alone.

I am glad to read about this subject. I am a white American guy, who has traveled around the world a bit and been to Africa several times (my favorite continent). One of the things I have learned is culture is hard to learn from those who are outside it. Over time, I have come to respect culture even if I don’t “get it.”


Should African women be allowed to engage in the practice sometimes called female circumcision? Are critics of this practice, who call it female genital mutilation, justified in trying to outlaw it, or are they guilty of ignorance and cultural imperialism?

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FGM has been embedded deeply in some Arab and African cultural traditions and has symbolic meaning for many communities. The disturbing practice of FGM is based on social, religious and psychosexual beliefs which mainly include the maintenance of chastity to maintain family honor by having control over a woman’s sexuality.

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Dr. Ahmadu, a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Chicago, was raised in America and then went back to Sierra Leone as an adult to undergo the procedure along with fellow members of the Kono ethnic group. She has argued that the critics of the procedure exaggerate the medical dangers, misunderstand the effect on sexual pleasure, and mistakenly view the removal of parts of the clitoris as a practice that oppresses women. She has lamented that her Westernized “feminist sisters insist on denying us this critical aspect of becoming a woman in accordance with our unique and powerful cultural heritage.” In another essay, she writes:

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Although no recorded religious text requires that a woman undergo FGM many men refuse to marry an uncircumcised woman because they fear God’s punishment. The custom is found in many religions but has gotten the most attention from its practice within Islam. It’s believed by many Muslims in North African countries such as Egypt that all women should be circumcised just like men, because it makes the woman smart and calm.