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a revolution is a struggle to the death between the future and the past.” – Fidel Castro, 1961.

22/11/2017 · Fidel Castro died a year ago

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This statement was certainly true for Fidel Castro and his revolutionaries during the Cuban Revolution, an armed revolt that took place between July 26th 1953 and January 1st 1959, which ended successfully.

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Yet, in Cuba, it was a day that a band of revolutionaries, led by Fidel Castro, overthrew the authoritarian government of Fulgencio Batista and seized Havana....


My Life: A Spoken Autobiography by Fidel Castro

With that in mind, some of the comments made by Fidel Castro in “Castro Announces the Revolution,” were shocking to me, since he tries to make the point that he cares for the people of Cuba and the revolution was set into motion for the benefit of the people, not an egotistical leader.

At the start of this story, Fidel Castro recalls images from his youth of revolutionaries carrying weapons and demanding that things were done their way....

State media: Fidel Castro's eldest son takes own life

But civil liberties have been whittled away, as labor unions lost the right to strike, independent newspapers were shut down and religious institutions were harassed

Pope Benedict arranged a special audience with Castro at the end of his trip in March 2012, seeking to obtain greater religious freedom for Catholics living in the communist nation..

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Fidel Castro was born on August 13, 1926.

Fidel Castro is the former political leader, and dictator of Cuba

Of course, Fidel Castro was still there, approaching forty years of dictatorship over impoverished Cuba, so he could still bask in the praise of his clueless, "useful idiot" (as Lenin said) American supporters.