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The first human was created androgynous, giving us insight into male-female relationships.

No,because,after that they will ask the right to adopt children.

It’s a matter of equality, the basic human right. So answer is yes!

“no” says the guy with three tattoed women hardly dressed on his page…
Absolutely YES!!! Enough having a Rainbow Curtain in Europe. (inspired from the Iron Curtain, that it divided the continent in two parts)… Recognition of same sex couples marriage throughout the EU now!!!

Mary Honeyball, MEP, has to this comment.

there are more important things to do, first of all stop the austerity
Equality is not the issue here, but it is being used as if it is. Whilst at the same time, they are ignoring the ‘human right’ of Freedom of Association. As in the UK. People under the auspices of gay rights have been forced into association with those they do not wish to associate with. And it was pulled under the guise of it being a business, even though that business was in their small four bedroom home. The couple that run that business have been opened up to the most horrendous abuse and threats to their life because they didn’t want to introduce this situation to their young grandchildren in their place of living.


Only E.U. countries? For sure candidate states!

Totally Yes! Otherwise countries like Romania will never say yes to this.
If we must take special care for the children as you say, then we should also do it for straight couples that want to adopt, or celebrities who think it is their right to go and adopt children from all over the world.. Children are not puppies..

And what about if one gay parent has already a child from a former heterosexual relationship? If they later remarry a person of the same sex, why can?t their new parents adopt the child of their partner and create a family?

I say YES… EU should recognise same sex marriages.

If we say NO to one kind of family, then perhaps we should forbid other existing types of family, like the single parent families! Are you sure that a child is better off growing up in a family with just a mother, that in many cases the father is either unknown or he does not want to participate in the growing up of the child?

And homosexuality is dangerous physically.

as for the adoption…. where do we draw the line? what about people who can not have children and must adopt? What tells us that the child wants to be adopted! What about people adopting children from other countries and other ethnicity or races.. Is that moral? If two gay people can not have children as it is not natural, then two white people can not have a black or Asian child. Yet we allow that to happen? Are we sure than an African baby want to be adopted by a white family and be taken out of its country? Are we suffering from the ?white savior? complex? Just because Madonna and other celebrities are doing it, does not make it right.

Let’s make a referendum and the masks will fall!

I agree with Aleksei every EU country should decide individually whether or not to allow gay marriage or adoption , as for me a big NO for the adoption but marriage should be allowed

recognize all config marriage or do not recognize any marriage

Marriage is about love and love is a good thing…the law has nothing to do with that. Everyone should have the freedom to marry whomever they love.