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This made Gordon one of the great heroes of the day, humiliated Britain, and resulted in the fall of Gladstone's government.

death of Alexander the Great until 146 BC when Rome conquered Greece.

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Although these positions were sources of great wealth, it was a precarious existence; and it was not unusual for family members to be imprisoned and/or pay ranson to the Ottoman government, or seek refuge in the French Embassy in Constantinople.

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Linguistic maps of Greece in the 19th century show areas of speakers of Albanian, Vlach, Macedonian, and even Turkish.
Now that Britain has voted (June 2016) to leave the EU, the European Union is facing enough of a problem to revive its own economic fortunes, let alone its moral determination in the face of terrorism, Putin, and the militant Leftists (not just in Greece) who think that the job of government is to hand out money (which they will get some somewhere -- loot, print, or borrow).


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This implied Macedonian designs on northern Greece, also containing part of historic Macedonia; and indeed Macedonians did express some claims there.
Among the mysterious, autochthonous peoples of the Balkans, the Albanians were strongly Latinized under Rome, Islamicized under Turkey, coveted by Italy and Serbia, and included substantial communities in Greece (denied by Greece, which officially has no ethnic minorities).

The EU bailouts have been given on the condition that Greece reforms its government and its economy.
Putin, however, is no longer in a position to subsidize Greek spending (with oil revenues way down), so he cannot be the kind of help that the Greeks might have hoped for previously; and the Greeks consequently still endeavor to reschedule their debt with the EU (now mainly held by governments rather than banks), without undertaking any real reform of their economy or their government.

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With a third of the workforce employed by the government, unemployment at 21%, and the "ease of doing business" ranked 100th by the World Bank, behind Yemen, Greece is nowhere near realizing what it needs to do to return to the real world from the socialist Nirvana that leftist ideology has foisted on it.

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Instead, Greeks still have these ridiculous demonstrations for socialism (not to mention the frightening terrorist activity) and nurse their (legitimate but futile) historic grievance against Turkey.

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Perhaps under pressure to straighten things out if Greece wanted to host the 2004 Olympics, the government arrested many members of "17 November," and the suspects were spilling details about the membership and operations of the organization [, Wednesday, August 7, 2002, "Toppled From Their Pedestal"].

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This kind of thing was all bad enough, but then reported (6 January 2002) that the Greek government, and especially the dominant Socialist Party, appeared to be tolerating a radical leftist terrorist organization, "17 November," that had been responsible for bombings and murders for years.

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Well, the Greek state pension system was nearly bankrupt, and the Government was considering reforms, like cutting benefits and increasing the retirement age (to 65).