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I gasped, "The advance guard of the Darkness has arrived!" These riders were on black motorcycles and dressed in black leather from head to toe.

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For Heart of Darkness, you will be completing a series of 6 four-square response journals to help you focus on the theme of the nature of evil and how it is developed throughout the novella.

The filming of Apocalypse Now was eventful to say the least

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The Democratic Republic of the Congo was first known as the Congo Free State, and then as the Belgian Congo (from 1908-1960), even though the Congo was Belgian from 1885 until it gained independence in 1960 3. In 1884, the Congo became the personal property of King Leopold II of Belgium until 1908, when Leopold gave the Congo to Belgium in exchange for a loan. During Leopold's ownership of the Congo, the Congolese were "slaves in all but name". Brutality was rampant and the Belgians monopolized the ivory trade. 4 Joseph Conrad had dreamed of visiting Africa since he saw it on a map as a youngster (Conrad was always fascinated with maps, as was his character Marlow). But when he finally went in 1890, the Congo he encountered was definitely not what he had expected. "Conrad…discovered just how much its 'explorers' were prompted by the desire for 'loot'. 5 In fact, Conrad became disillusioned "with Africa, with life on deck, with colonial trade, and with white European agents running trading stations throughout the Congo". 6 Such was the state of the Congo that informed , as Marlow "sees in the behavior of the Europeans, and most tellingly…Kurtz…a self-assertive brutality as savage as any to be found in man's primitive ancestry, and even more dangerous because it is unacknowledged and denied by "civilized" man's blindfolded idealism". 7 So, the atrocities witnessed by Conrad as a result of colonization were also encountered by Marlow on his journey down the Congo.


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[…] is represented on the June Amazon Prime list by not just one but two versions of his personal magnum opus, Apocalypse Now — a surrealist Vietnam War tale that has more in common with German filmmaker […]

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Martin Sheen has since described the making of Apocalypse Now as ʻChaos”, and even told friends back home that he generally believed he was going to die.

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Harvey Keitel was hired for the lead, but after a short time was fired. Martin Sheen took the main role, but he was struggling from the outset. In the midst of a complete personal alcoholic breakdown, he walked into the Apocalypse Now production set which was riddled with alcoholism, drug-binges, tropical diseases and monsoons.

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Achebe, Chinua. "An Image of Africa: Racism in Conrad's 'Heart of Darkness'." In , edited by Richard Kimbrough, 251-261. 3rd ed. New York: Norton, 1988. In this essay, Achebe accuses Conrad of racism through his portrayal of Africans in the text, which he says perpetuates stereotypes. This is another perspective that could be examined when reading this work.

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The filming of Apocalypse Now was eventful to say the least. It has gone down in history as the most chaotic, hellish nightmare of a production that there has ever been.

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“My film is not about Vietnam, it is Vietnam.” announced Francis Ford Coppola to the gathered press before they viewed the masterpiece that is called Apocalypse Now. Few who worked on the shoot would disagree, especially Dennis Hopper who said afterwards “ I felt like I had fought in the war”.

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Renner, Stanley. "Kurtz, Christ, and the Darkness in "Heart of Darkness". Winter 1976. Interpretation of which emphasizes Kurtz as a Christ figure.