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The impact of this new imperialism has faced major controversy between historians in an attempt to classify and weigh its pros and cons....

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What were the motives for 19th century European imperialism?

Imperialism in European countries was a turning point in the world and its future.
Critics of the Order have pointed out that this philosophy of power and theimperial use of military force comes straight from the chronicles of theRoman Empire -- especially the Roman Empire during its phase of decline andcollapse.

The criticism may prove to be most prophetically true of the current generationof Bonesmen who are leading the United States under the presidency of GeorgeBush.

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Roosevelt was convinced that America'simperial destiny was dependent upon its domination of the Pacific Ocean andthe Far East.
From the late 1800s, as the US began to collect power through Cuba, Hawaii, and the Philippines, debate arose among historians about American imperialism and its behavior.


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In the 1800s and early 1900s, European imperialism made its way to Southeast Asia as it did to nearby India & China 1.
America built up its imperialistic nature throughout the 19th century and on into the 20th century, flexing its muscles and establishing itself as a new world superpower....

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By about the mid-1880s, the Skull and Bones membership roster began to changefrom its earlier, often ``scholarly,'' coloration; the change reflected thedegradation of American political and economic life by imperialist, neo-paganand racialist ideology.

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The Clash recognized the homogeneity between the American imperialism of the Vietnam war and the forced Westernization of the non-Western world, particularly third world nations; thusly, the band chose the Vietnam War as a backdrop for “Charlie Don’t Surf” because of it’s relevance to American culture at the time....

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These imperialistic nations exploited other nations and cultures and their troops’ motivation was the glory of the nation and the eradication of the weaker races on earth.

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The technique of each imperialist was specific to the motivations and desires of each combative, predominantly Western power and subsequently impacted the success of each imperialist and its colonies.

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In Culture and Imperialism (1993), Edward Said, the Palestinian-American academic and writer, states: “America describes itself with words such as: altruism, specialness and opportunity to the extent that the word ‘Imperialism’ has been used only rarely and recently in accounts of U.S.