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12/03/2007 · The history of the EU from its post-war beginnings to the present day.

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was never intended to be President. He was seen as a reckless cowboy by many in the Republican Party leadership. As his popularity soared, he became more and more of a threat. His success with the Rough Riders in Cuba made him a war hero in the eyes of many Americans. Riding this wave, he was elected as governor of New York.

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The scale of importance is subjectively derived (but identified in a "reasonable" manner—not arbitrarily), but the use of this scale is then generally objective. (Within the system each element is compared on a consistent basis.) Data prioritization will eventually identify multiple elements that can be seen as complementary, and thus a hierarchical data structure is created.


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Once the data has been externalized and the literal mess begins to be reduced, the designer begins the more intellectual task of identifying explicit and implicit relationships, physically drawing out these content-affinities through the process of organization. The designer begins to move content around, physically, placing items that are related next to each other. As described above, this process is less about finding "right" relationships and more about finding "good" relationships. All of the content is related in some way, but the important connections are frequently those that are multi-faceted, complex, and rooted in culture. Thus, it may be necessary to duplicate content (to allow it to connect to multiple groups), or to abandon or rearrange already established groupings several times during this process.

The fall of Santiago on July 17 convinced Spain to concede defeat in Cuba. Following the victory, the person who attracted the greatest public attention was not General Shafter, but Theodore Roosevelt, a flamboyant “Rough Rider” who had charged up San Juan Hill.

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These principles and methods are teachable, repeatable, and understandable. They are creative activities that actively generate intellectual value, and they are unique to the discipline of design. Most importantly, when applied and formalized, these activities are billable and immensely useful in the development of novel, useful, and appropriate designs.