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attempt, try, endeavor, essay, strive mean to make an effort to accomplish an end

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This was not the Society which had appeared formerlyunder that name, and was now extinct; but a set of Alchymists, pretendersto the transmutation of metals and the universal medicine, who; the betterto inveigle their votaries, had mixed with their own tricks a good deal ofthe absurd superstitions of that sect, in order to give a greater air ofmystery to the whole, to protract the time of instruction, and to affordmore room for evasions, by making so many difficult conditions necessaryfor perfecting the grand work, that the unfortunate gull, who had thrownaway his time and his money, might believe that the failure was owing tohis own incapacity or unfitness for being the possessor of the grand secret.

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Practical Project Initiation: A Handbook with Tools was published in 2007 by Microsoft Press
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Weishaupt's preparatory discourse of reception is a piece of goodcomposition, whether considered as argumentative (from topics, indeed, thatare very gratuitous and fanciful) or as a specimen of that declamation whichwas so much practised by Lihanius and the other Sophists, and it gives adistinct and captivating account of the professed aim of the Order.

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Bailly, the President of the National Assemblyof France, and Mayor of Paris, cannot find words sufficiently energetic topraise; this patient, sagacious, and successful observer of nature, afterhaving exhibited to the wondering world the characteristic property of thatprinciple of material nature by which all the bodies of the solar systemare made to form a connected and permanent universe; and after having shownthat this law of action alone was adapted to this end, and that if gravityhad deviated but one thousandth part from the inverse duplicate ratio ofthe distances, the system must, in the course of a very few revolutions,have gone into confusion and ruin - he sits down, and views the goodly scene- and then closes his Principles of Natural Philosophy with this reflection(his )"This most elegant frame of things could not have arisen, unless by thecontrivance and the direction of a wise and powerful Being; and if the fixedstars are the centres of systems, these systems must be similar; and allthese, constructed according to the same plan, are subject to the governmentof Being.