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Last Thursday (Feb.1) was hourly comics day, and I did some! Please enjoy them! *by the way, this does not mean that I have plans to bring back Interesting Times

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There is an old Chinese curse - may you live through interesting times! The curse seems to be odd at first sight. Apparently, everyone would like to live through interesting times rather than through dull, boring, uninteresting times. Yet, what should be a blessing is called a curse. Either, the ancient Chinese, in spite of all their wisdom did not know some basic facts of life or we need to understand the fundamentals of life better.

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There's plenty of canon fodder on the lists. Zane, who's the books editor at the Raleigh , has done a statistical breakdown of the results, so we know, for example, that Shakespeare is the most-represented author (followed by Faulkner, who ties with Henry James; they're followed by a five-way tie, which you can read about for yourself). But I'm more interested in the dark horses, the statistical outliers, which lay bare the secret fetishes and perversions of the literati. Douglas Coupland puts Capote's unfinished at number one, blowing right by and , too. Jonathan Franzen begins straight up the middle, with , but turns a sharp corner at #9 with by Christina Stead, and another at #10 with by Halldor Laxness. The quintessentially American Tom Wolfe starts by reeling off four French classics in a row. Norman Mailer revives John Dos Passos's out-of-fashion trilogy for his #6 (and shows uncharacteristic forebearance by leaving his own works off the list). And so on. (At times one reads in the knowledge that one is being messed with. There's an outside, screwball chance that David Foster Wallace really reveres C.S. Lewis's above all other books, but I feel comfortable asserting—having read twice—that Wallace does not feel that way about Stephen King's (at #2) or , by Tom Clancy (#10).)


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There's an ancient saying in China: "May you live in interesting times"
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It seems that we, Indians are carrying the curse of living through interesting times. We know that we are walking towards doom but are condemned to enjoy each step of the journey even as we feel sad about the direction. The ancient Chinese knew life better when they coined the curse - may you live through interesting times! Let us hope that India will be able to shake off this curse and move to times that are not interesting.

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Past few months in India have been very interesting. Tehelka, Agra Summit, Share scandal, UTI fiasco, Phoolan murder - enough material to keep newspaper printing presses busy and the modern byte-collectors happy. Analysts of all sorts are having a field day. TV channels running 24 hours a day, billions of pages beautifully illustrated with semi-nude women - are churning out so much analysis that one is indeed surprised at the capacity of the Indian mind to digest such huge quantity of intellectual fodder. Albert Camus wrote in his book "The Fall" - "When future historians have to write about modern man, they will write that he read newspapers and fornicated. And once that is said there will be nothing more left to be said." Possibly, while describing modern Indian man, future historians would just need to add that he saw television.

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It only took a few years, but we’re finally ready to print INTERESTING TIMES VOLUME 2! It’ll have the best of years 3-5, and also there are some cool new pre-order bonuses!!

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Hello, readers! Let’s rip this band-aid off quickly: As of today, I’ll no longer be writing Interesting Times. Thank you so much for your wonderful support over the past eleven years. I say it every year and I mean it every year. I’ve often been amazed and humbled by the response these comics have garnered, and because of my silly internet drawings I’ve made new friends and had opportunities I could never have imagined. You’re all cool and smart and everybody thinks you look great!