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policy proposals for fairer international adoption practice, Democracy Journal, Summer 2010.

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Children of All Nations offers international adoption programs in Haiti, China, Bulgaria, and more
STEP 3: Application Forms. You will have to complete a Community Resources and Employment application for an international adoption placement, and determine who will be completing the home study.

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STEP 1: All prospective adoptive parents must apply to Saskatchewan Social Services for approval for international adoption.
An Asian child adopted by a Caucasian couple will be recognizably different and might have more difficulty ‘fitting in’ than a child from Russia or the Ukraine. Adoptive parents are now being encouraged to learn about the child’s country and culture so that they can teach their child about his/her heritage and incorporate parts of the child’s culture into their family life and identity. Honouring the child’s heritage will instill a sense of pride in the child and help them in the teenage years with their sense of identity.


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International adoption is much more involved than just the dream of parenting
Canada has been a partner in the Hague Convention since 1993 and all provinces and territories follow the Convention’s guidelines. Canadians can adopt from countries that have not ratified the Hague Convention. These adoptions have similar steps but lack the assurances of Hague Convention adoptions.

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Many publications, reporters, broadcasters, and bloggers tell stories about what’s right with international adoption. As an investigative reporting institute, we feel an obligation to speak for those whose stories have not been told. And so our Institute has been investigating what can happen when things go wrong, and why. We hope that this information will be useful to concerned citizens and policymakers. Below are brief descriptions of, and links to, all the pieces in our series released so far.

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Saskatchewan Social Services is responsible for child welfare in the province, and oversees all adoptions in the province. Social Services approves international or ‘inter-country’ child placements based on the home study report, supporting documents and recommendations by an adoption worker. The agency also ensures that the proposed adoption is in accordance with both the laws in Saskatchewan, federal immigration laws, the Hague Convention, and the child’s country of origin. Other services include arranging the placement of the child and may provide other services for adoptive parents before, during and after the adoption.

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With the increase of child abduction and trafficking around the world, many countries have signed the Hague Convention in an effort to make international adoption a safer and more secure process. The Hague Convention is an international agreement which lays out guidelines to govern adoption processes in these countries and to protect the best interests of children. The Convention also has safeguards in place to protect birth and adoptive families but its main goal is to ensure that an international adoption is in the best interests of a child and that his/her fundamental rights are protected. More information about the Hague Convention.


What happens when it appears that international adoption hasn’t saved an orphan—but, rather, created one? Can justice be done?
In a riveting three-part series, E.J. Graff investigates the stories of two children adopted during Sierra Leone’s civil war in 1998.

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The expenses for international adoptions are quite high and will vary based on the requirements of the child’s country of origin, agency programs, coordinator fees and several other factors. On average, most international adoptions cost anywhere from $18,000 to $50,000.