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Etiquette, Manners, Cultural understanding for international global business relationships, using proper manners and etiquettes appropriate to each country

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I believe you'll find the International Business Center is an excellent resource for a variety of your global business questions and needs, with particular focus on those topics unique to working in the International business arena, including intercultural issues.

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We know international business success requires more business acumen than managing a domestic enterprise. You not only deal with traditional business functions and values, but also must understand and work from a global perspective that adds politics, culture, monetary variables, time, and distance to the international business management equation.


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The report makes for good reading, and an excellent topic for discussion among international business managers, always concerned about risk, and the best way to hedge against potential losses.

International business, Multinational, Transnational, Globalization, Multi domestic, Worldwide, and the Global Marketplace, these are terms you deal with daily.

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I want to extend a personal welcome to you. The International Business Center is a not-for-profit organization that has invested hundreds of hours creating a series of dynamic and valuable resources for international business people, international business students, and teachers and professors at international business schools throughout the World.

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Perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of international business is dealing with, and understanding, differences in culture. Visit the to learn details about cultures from over 35 Countries. MBA and Business Administration Degree students may find the information helpful for future international travels. The Site also has an explanation of Geert Hofstede's world famous studies and analysis of cultural differences.

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In these pages you will find a wealth of information and resources on international business etiquette and manners to utilize during your international travels and overseas assignments.

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As an international business person, we urge you to use extra caution and common sense when it comes to travel and visibility while on business or pleasure. This link leads to travel related topics and current