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And Maurice wrote:
Formed in the summer of 1972, Macedonian derived its title from the parent organisation, Macedonian Securities Ltd, a London property company.
The new airline was initially based at Luton airport with a Douglas Dakota and a DH Dove, although the latter was disposed of after only a few months. Commercial charter began operations on November 5, with a passenger flight by the Dakota between Southend to Rotterdam. Freight charters were also undertaken, amongst which was a series of movements to Brussels and Saarbrücken carrying car parts for the Ford Motor Company.
1973 proved very busy for this emergent airline, with passenger and cargo flights to numerous destinations around the UK and Europe, ranging a far afield as Bergen and Malta. Occasional scheduled services were also carried out on behalf of Intra Airways.
In December 1973, Macedonian’s Dakota headed north to Aberdeen to undertake a series of oil-rig support sub-charters on behalf of Site Aviation. Developing business in this area warranted the purchase of additional aircraft and thus in March 1974, the company obtained three additional Dakotas from British Island Airways. Two of these machines, G-AMHJ and G-AMRA, were in convertible passenger-cargo configuration and were placed in service on the Aberdeen-Sumburgh (Shetlands) route, carrying oil drilling machinery and crews. The original Dakota operated primarily from Southend on ad-hoc charters, which took it to such European destinations as Lisbon and Gibraltar as well as the near Continent.
From April 1974, Macedonian briefly became a scheduled operator when it took over the Rotterdam-Le Havre service of Maastricht-based Limburg Airlines, then undergoing reorganisation. By this time oil support work had became the prime source of the airline’s revenue, but the contractors were now demanding the use of turboprop equipment for their air services. Faced with this fait accompli, tentative negotiations were initiated with Air Canada and Eastern Provincial for the purchase of either surplus Vickers Viscounts or several of EPA’s HP Heralds.
Unfortunately, the necessary finance to support this new equipment could not be raised and lacking any viable alternative, Macedonian was forced to cease operations on November 6, 1974.
Fleet List:
DH.104 Dove 6: G-APZU (04511)
Douglas C-47A/B Dakota: G-AMHJ (13468), G-AMPO (16437/33185), G-AMPZ (16124/32872) lsdf Intra A/w 11/12.73, G-AMRA (15290/26735), G-AMSV (16072/32820) never entered service
Much of the above comes from Tony Merton Jones 'British Independent Airlines since 1945' published by The Aviation Hobby Shop.
G-AMPO was reg'd to Macedonian on 01Jul72, so it would have operated the first service, since the others did not arrive until 1973 & 1974.
Maurice Wickstead (AB 12868)

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Nils wrote:
From Flight International (21Mar1974):
Macedonian Aviation was formed in 1972 to operate passenger and cargo charter flights from Southend Airport. The airline is a subsidiary of the property company Macedonian Securities of London.
Head office: Southend Airport, Essex, England
Executives: Managing director, A.D. Odell; general manager, J.S. King
Fleet: One DC-3
Nils Rosengaard


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