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What Clothes to Pack When Traveling to Israel the Last …

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What Clothes to Pack When Traveling to Israel the Last Two Weeks in ..
Thank you for the info. So many Americans want to be respectful of the culture. I am traveling in early Nov. and figured Israel is similar to So. Ca. Weather wise, little to no rain in Nov? Is that correct? So next question is, are there any bright colors or animal prints worn or is this not a problem? I don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb😎
We are so excited for our trip and can’t wait to see Holy Land

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The complete list of what to wear in Israel month-by-month is available right after the nine tips. Have an awesome trip!
It’s not very complicated, really. Most of these guidelines hold true for travelers everywhere. Dress according to the weather, in clean, respectable clothes, don’t show too much skin in religious places and try not to stick out in a crowd. I hope the tips I provided you with here will help you do just that and keep you comfortable and safe too!


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thank you for your blog post. We just got a direct flight from Krakow (my hometown) to Israel and I was thinking of traveling there. I was in Israel exactly 20 years ago with my parents. I remember walking on the streets of Tel Aviv and eating the best hummus. It was such an amazing time and very happy holidays. I have seen a lot of things in TV about the situation there. I just hope that people will be still traveling there because Israel is beautiful.

Israel is generally very safe to travel in but it’s always best to avoid conflicts with the locals. It’s also just more polite, I think.
I’m leaving for Israel on the 28th and going to Paris on the 9th. Wondering if the weather will be drastically different at both places . Clothes wise what would you suggest? Also would you recommend travelers checks or currency exchange when we get there ? Thanks so much! !

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I’m really enjoying this blog. We are traveling to Israel the second and third week of March. While I understand that layering is key what season of clothing are they wearing in Israel: Winter or Spring clothes? Are white jeans appropriate? And what about footwear? Boots or Sandals? Feeling a bit overwhelmed right now in mid-season.

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As for money in Israel, definitely not travelers checks. Most places wouldn’t accept them. You can use your Visa or Mastercard but make sure in advance that they are activated for international transactions and specifically for these locations. I know that with Wells Fargo you need to register your travel plans on their website and then that ensures your credit card will work abroad. I assume other US banks have similar plans. Once it’s working, you can actually use these cards in any local ATM in Israel to get shekels (our local currencies) whenever you need them.

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My daughter will be traveling to Israel in early May and I was wondering if I needed to purchase skirts and dresses for her that fall below her knees. Most of what she owns falls right above her knees but they are not mini skirts. Is that too short? Are pants acceptable for young women? Thank you so much for this awesome, informative blog!

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Assuming you’re in Israel to travel and not to become involved in local politics, it’s best to avoid wearing keffiyehs, just like you shouldn’t try wearing a yarmulke as a fashion statement when visiting Arab villages (less likely to happen, I know).