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Some of the causes of juvenile delinquency are idleness which leads to mischief, lack of affection and sense of belonging, rejection, broken family, poverty, gang member, emotional deprivation that makes him feel that if nobody cares for him, frustration wherein the resulting disappointment is vented against society etc.

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Like the Spiv of the Second World War, the Teddy Boy became a media folk devil and ended up as the scapegoat for anything to do with juvenille delinquency.


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The Department of Social Work & Youth Services offers the Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree to prepare students for generalist practice. BSW graduates are eligible for licensure (LBSW) in the state of Michigan. The department also offers a minor in Youth Services, and certificate programs in Child Welfare and Juvenile Delinquency.

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It seems that these new 'Edwardians' had become labelled as 'Spivs', 'Juvenile Delinquents', 'Cosh Boys' and 'Zoot Suiters' not the 'respectable' working class ....

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Juvenile delinquency is anti-social, a menace to the people’s welfare, different from what is normal action, and which serves as outlet of an instinctive urge. The common forms of juvenile delinquency are disobedience, harm to persons and theft.

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According to the department, delinquency in Florida is declining in all categories, with the overall number of juvenile arrests down 23 percent since 2011.