• I support those who refuse legalization of hard drugs.
  • I strongly believe marijuana should be legalized.
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The debate over the legalization of drugs continues to disturb the American public.

Legalization is an option that should be heavily considered....

Many people debate whether or not marijuana should be legalized.

When drugs become legal, we will be able to sleep in our homes and walkthe streets more safely.
A. What Can it Hurt?
Those opposed to this non-intervention view suggest that while legalization can have the short term effect of reducing crime, in the long term it may harm the well being of the community by creating health and social damage. Legalization would presumably result in an increase in the nation’s rate of drug usage, creating an even larger group of nonproductive, drug dependent people, who must be cared for by the rest of society at a very substantial cost to non-drug abusers. It is likely that if legalized and freely available, drug users might significantly increase their daily intake. In countries likeIranandThailand, where drugs are cheap and readily available, the rate of narcotics use is quite high.
Others argue that the problems of alcoholism should serve as a warning of what can happen when controlled substances are made readily available. The number of drug dependent babies could begin to match or exceed the number who are delivered with fetal alcohol syndrome. Drunk driving fatalities, which today number about twenty five thousand per year, could be matched by deaths caused by driving under the influence of pot or crack. And while distribution would be regulated, adolescents likely would have the same opportunity to obtain potent drugs as they now have with beer and other forms of alcohol.
Furthermore, drugs are immoral and destroy the fabric of society. Though the Dutch have legalized drugs to some extent there are now more non-productive users in that country than elsewhere in Europe; same thing happened when England De-criminalized Heroin (legalizers would argue that’s because the new laws attracted drug users from elsewhere not that they created new ones).

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Society, in my opinion, would not know how to react if drugs were to be legalized....
If we are concerned about the influence of organized crime ongovernment, industry and our own personal safety, we could strike no singlemore damaging blow against today's gangsters than to legalize drugs.


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The profits from illegal alcohol were minuscule compared to the yieldfrom today's illegal drugs.
Medical marijuana should be federally legalized to be used as an alternative medicine because it is a better choice than other drugs for pain and nausea, it is more affordable than other medicines and with its change from a Scheduale I to a Scheduale II drug, would fall in the same regulations as a perscription drug....

Legalizing drugs would eliminate themotivation to restrict the sale of hypodermic needles.
Legalization: A status where responsible adults may legally acquire, possess, and use a particular drug, although there may be restrictions on time, place and manner. Legal does not mean unregulated. In fact, when it comes to drugs, most supporters of legalization call for some regulation and control.

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We're going to explore what it actually means when someone calls for the legalization of, or the continued criminalization of, certain drugs. Let's start with some:

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Legalization of drugs is fully compatible with regulatory efforts restricting access to children, forbidding use while driving or while working in safety-sensitive jobs, banning use in certain locations or situations, controlling the means for manufacture and distribution (including taxation and labeling), and creating standards for purity and potency.

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Decriminalization: American Heritage dictionary defines it as "to reduce or abolish criminal penalties for." Theoretically, decriminalization could mean legalization (and is preferred by some drug policy reformers), except for the "reduce" option. Decriminalization is sometimes used to describe contradictory legal situations where marijuana, for example, is legal to possess and use, but not to acquire -- this is a partial legalization that leaves intact certain aspects of prohibition's side-effect (see below). Because of these confusions, for the purpose of this guide, we go with criminalized and legalized.

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Those who advocate for the continued criminalization of drugs (ie., against legalization) tend to do so for one of the following motivations:Those who reside entirely in category 2 and 3 are not interested in actually participating in the debate or contributing anything positive as relates to drug policy. So let's focus on those with genuine interest in the well-being of society.