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The inventors of this time created a new look on life and the eager society of the century never looked back.

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The 20th-century was a century of major changes in the way people live, ..
According to the director of the Harvard Business School Life Science Project, Dr Juan Enriquez: "The new international language of this century is the language of IBM and computers and not English any more.

PYONGYANG, North Korea — They like fast fashion from Zara and H&M

The realm of the chaste has been explored in poetry throughout time, but never was the subject as thoroughly probed as in the 17th and 18th century....


They work out to be seen as much as to exercise

By combining powerful pictures and detailed annotations accounting the conditions of life in the New York, Riis made How the Other Half Lives unique and very effective in delivering his message and initiating a change....

While much of continental Europe was seeking to strengthen their absolute monarchies and centralized style of governing, in the 17th and 18th centuries Great Britain was making significant political changes that r...

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The labour-intensive cash crop of tobacco was farmed in the American South by indentured labourers in the 17th and 18th centuries.[1] Indentured servitude was not the same as the apprenticeship system by which skilled trades were taught, but similarities do exist between the two mechanisms, in that both require a set period of work....

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In this essay I will be exploring the presentation of rural life in eighteenth century poetry, by studying the poetic conventions of anti-pastoral poetry and more particularly by analysing `The Thresher's labour' by Stephen Duck.

Aim — 20 years of a few winners and many losers

The twentieth century will, without doubt, be viewed by historians as the Woman's Hour. A girl born in 1899, as my grandmother was, had little chance of evading the role that was considered her destiny - to marry young, stay home and raise a family. Her forbears in the late nineteenth century had struggled hard to improve her chances of an education. Campaigners like Millicent Fawcett and Elizabeth Garret Anderson had carried out a personal and largely peaceful struggle to open professions like medicine to women. Yet still, only the privileged few, whose fathers or husbands were enlightened enough to permit it, got a foot on the ladder of opportunity. In the early part of the century the suffragists argued powerfully, but peacefully for the vote. They were unsuccessful in their immediate objective, although they still exist in the form of one of the country's main research and lobbying groups working on behalf of women, the Fawcett Society.

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A wonderful collection of essays, pictures, and accounts of how the life really was in the People’s Republic of China. It also contains a chronology starting in 1644, however the majority of the information is a year-by-year list of events in the 20th Century. The site is very useful for starting place on events in Chinese History.

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What bothers Postman most is the fact that the great innovators of this time have no frame of reference other than their own experience, and that experience is only that of the 20th century.